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Term 1 Two Marks Model Questions

7th Standard EM

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Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 60
    30 x 2 = 60
  1. In a quiz competition, Team A scored +30,–20, 0 and team B scored –20, 0, +30 in three successive rounds. Which team will win? Can we say that we can add integers in any order?

  2. A lift is on the ground floor. If it goes 5 floors down and then moves up to 10 floors from there. Then in which floor will the lift be?

  3. A student was asked to subtract (–12) from (–47). He got−30.Is he correct? Justify.

  4. During summer, the level of the water in a pond decreases by 2 inches every week due to evaporation. What is the change in the level of the water over a period of 6 weeks?

  5. The product of two integers is −135. If one number is −15, Find the other integer.

  6. If P=-15 and Q=5 find (P-Q)+(P+Q)

  7. Add 2 to me. Then multiply by 5 and subtract 10 and divide now by 4 and I will give you 15! Who am I?

  8. Subtract 94860 from(-86945)

  9. Find the area and perimeter of the following parallelograms:

  10. A ground is in the shape of parallelogram. The height of the parallelogram is 14 metres and the corresponding base is 8 metres longer than its height. Find the cost of levelling the ground at the rate of Rs.15 per sq. m.

  11. The area of a trapezium is 1586 sq. cm. The distance between its parallel sides is 26 cm. If one of the parallel sides is 84 cm then, find the other side.

  12. The height of the parallelogram is one fourth of its base. If the area of the parallelogram is 676 sq. cm, find the height and the base

  13. If the base and height of a parallelogram are in the ratio 7:3 and the height is 45 cm then, find the area of the parallelogram

  14. Find the height of the parallelogram whose base is four times the height and whose area is 576 sq. cm.

  15. Find the numerical coefficient of each of the following terms: −3yx, 12k, y, 121bc, − x, 9pq, 2ab

  16. Identify the like terms among the following : 7x, 5y, −8x, 12y, 6z, z, −12x, −9y, 11z.

  17. Simplify
    (i) (x + y − z) + (3x − 5y + 7z) − (14x + 7y − 6z)
    (ii) p + p + 2 + p + 3 − p − 4 − p − 5 + p + 10
    (iii) n + (m + 1) + (n + 2) + (m + 3) + (n + 4) + (m + 5)

  18. Find two consecutive odd numbers whose sum is 200.

  19. Find the expression to be added with 5a − 3b + 2c to get a − 4b − 2c?

  20. A group of 21 students paid Rs.840 as the entry fee for a magic show. How many students entered the magic show if the total amount paid was Rs.1,680?

  21. The weight of 72 books is 9kg. what is the weight of 40 such books? (using unitary method)

  22. It takes 120 minutes to weed a garden with 6 gardeners If the same work is to be done in 30 minutes, how many more gardeners are needed?

  23. A truck requires 108 liters of diesel for covering a distance of 594km. How much diesel will be required to cover a distance of 1650km?

  24. Name the pairs of adjacent angles.

  25. Given that AB is a straight line. Calculate the value of x° in the following cases.

  26. Construct the following angles using ruler and compass only.
    (i) 60°
    (ii) 120°
    (iii) 30°
    (iv) 90°
    (v) 45°
    (vi) 150°
    (vii) 135

  27. In the given figure, find the value of x.

  28. Shade the figure completely, by using five Tetromino shapes only once.

  29. Find the shortest route to Vivekanandar Memorial Hall from the Mandapam using the given map.

  30. Fill in 4 x 10 rectangle completely, using all the five tetrominoes twice


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