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Term 2 Information Processing Two Marks Questions

8th Standard EM

    Reg.No. :


Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 18
    9 x 2 = 18
  1. In the given graph sheet draw and colour how the Fibonacci number pattern makes a spiral in the Golden Rectangle.

  2. Using repeated division method find HCF of the following:
    455 and 26

  3. Using repeated subtracting method find HCF of the following:
    42 and 70

  4. Do the given problems in repeated subtraction method

  5. On a school trip, 56 girls and 98 boys went to Kanyakumari. They were divided into as many groups as possible so that there were equal numbers of girls and boys in each group. find the largest group possible? (To find the HCF using repeated division method)

  6. Kalai wants to cut identical squares as big as she can, from a piece of paper measuring 168mm and by 196mm. What is the length of the side of the biggest square? (To find HCF using repeated subtraction method)

  7. Frame Additive cipher table (key = 4).

  8. A message like “Good Morning” written in reverse would instead be “Doog Gninrom”. In the same way decode the sentence given below:
    “Ot dnatsrednu taht scitamehtam nac eb decneirepxe erehwreve ni erutan dna laer efil.”

  9. Decode the given Pigpen Cipher text and compare your answer to get the Activity 3 result.

    I. The room number in which the treasure took place
     \(\sqcap \sqcup \)
    II. Place of the treasure:-
    III. The name of the treasure:-


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