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Term 2 Life Mathematics Five Marks Questions

8th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    10 x 5 = 50
  1. If the selling price of a LED TV is equal to 54 of its cost price, then find the gain/profit percentage.

  2. By selling a bicycle for rs 4275, a shopkeeper loses 5%. For how much should he sell it to have
    a profit of 5%?

  3. Ranjith bought a washing machine for Rs16150 and paid Rs1350 for its transportation. Then, he sold it for Rs19250. Find his gain or loss percentage.

  4. A pre-owned car was bought for Rs240000. On repairs Rs15000 was spent, Rs8500 was paid for its insurance. Th en, it was sold for Rs258230. What is the gain or loss percentage?

  5. The cost price of 16 boxes of strawberries is equal to the selling price of 20 boxes of strawberries. Find the gain or loss percentage.

  6. The marked price of an LED tube light is Rs550 and the shopkeeper offers a discount of 8% on it. Find the selling price of the LED tube light.

  7. The price of a rain coat was slashed from Rs1060 to Rs901 by a shopkeeper in the winter season to boost the sales. Find the rate of discount given by him.

  8. Find the single discount which is equivalent to two successive discounts of 25% and 20% given on an article.

  9. A woman bought some eggs at the rate of 4 eggs for Rs18 and sold them at the rate of 5 eggs for Rs24. She gained Rs90 in selling all the eggs. How many eggs did she buy?

  10. A family went to a hotel and spent Rs350 for the food and paid 5%GST extra. Calculate the
    CGST and SGST.


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