Full Portion Two Marks Question Paper

9th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. What is the full form of SI system?

  2. Can you find the diameter of a thin wire of length 2 m using the ruler from your instrument box?

  3. A cyclist turning a corner leans inwards. Why?

  4. A coin in a glass beaker appears to rise as the beaker is slowly filled with water, why?

  5. If an object is placed at the focus of a concave mirror, where is the image formed?

  6. Define Sublimation

  7. What is meant by desalination of sea water?

  8. Identify the matters from the given data

    Items for identification Matters Non- matters
    Flower, bee, cloud, rainbow, leaf, fire,
    baby, torch light, sky, smoke heat coming from
    glowing coals, fog, sound coming from a drum, laser beam
  9. Copy the following and write the names of the laws and their simple definitions in the space provided.

  10. Which flowering plant shows photonasty just opposite to that of Dandelion?

  11. Why coelenterates are called diploblastic animals?

  12. Differentiate between tube feet and false feet.

  13. The term "annulatians" comes from?

  14. Differentiate : Kwashiorkar from Marasmus 

  15. Mention the name of edible synthetic wax.

  16. Define latent heat of fusion?

  17. Rubbing a comb on hair makes the comb get – 0.4C.
    (a) Find which material has lost electron and which one gained it.
    (b) Find how many electrons are transferred in this process.

  18. Define magnetic field lines of force

  19. State modern periodic law.

  20. What are metalloids? Give examples

  21. Complete the equation 

  22. Explain amitosis

  23. Arrange the following five steps of nutrition in correct sequence: (digestion, assimilation, ingestion, egestion, absorption)

  24. What is succus entericus?

  25. Define the Vaccines


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