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Term 1 Living World of Plants - Plant Physiology Three Marks Questions

9th Standard

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    10 x 3 = 30
  1. Explain the types of tropisms

  2. Give an account of phototropism.

  3. Write a brief note on types of nastic movements.

  4. Briefly, explain nastic movements

  5. How will you prove that shoots bent towards light? (OR) Experiment to demonstrate phototropism.

  6. What are the differences between tropic and nastic movements

  7. Experiment to prove that sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis.

  8. There are 3 plants A, Band C. The flowers of A open their petals in bright light during the day but close them when it gets dark at night. On the other hand, the flowers of plant B open their petals at night but close them during the day w..hen there is bright light. The leaves of plant C fold up and droop when touched when fingers or any other solid object.
    (a) Name the phenomenon shown by the flowers of plant A and B.
    (b) Name one flower each which behaves like the flowers of plant A and B.
    (c) Name the phenomenon exhibited by the leaves of plant C.
    (d) Name a plant whose leaves behave like those of plant C.

  9. While conducting experiments to study the effects of various stimuli on the plants, it was observed that the roots of a plant X grow and bend towards two stimuli A and B but bend away from a third stimulus C. The stem of the plant X however bends away from stimulus A and B but bends towards the stimulus C. The stimulus B is known to act on the roots due to factors related with Earth. Keeping these points in mind, answer the following questions:
    (a) What could be stimulus A.?
    (b) Name the stimulus seen in B.
    (c) What could be stimulus C?

  10. Imagine that student A studied the importance of certain factors in photosynthesis. He took a potted plant and kept it in dark for over 24 hours. In the early hours of the next morning, he covered one of the leaves with dark paper in the centre only. Then he placed the plant in sunlight for a few hours and tested the leaf which was covered with black paper for starch.
    (a) What aspect of photosynthesis was being investigated
    (b) Why was the plant kept in the dark before the experiment?
    (c) How will you prove that starch is present in the leaves?
    (d) What are the other raw materials for photosynthesis?


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