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Term 1 Motion Three Marks Questions

9th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    10 x 3 = 30
  1. A sound is heard 5 s later than the lightning is seen in the sky on a rainy day. Find the distance of location of lightning? Given the speed of sound = 346 ms-1

  2. A 900 kg car moving at 10 ms-1 takes a turn around a circle with a radius of 25 m. Determine the acceleration and the net force acting upon the car.

  3. Compare speed and velocity?

  4. Why did the actual speed differ from average speed?

  5. Mention the uses of velocity–time graph

  6. A motorcycle travelling at 20ms-1 has an acceleration of 4ms-2. What does it explains about the velocity of the motorcycle.

  7. What is meant by negative acceleration?

  8. How do we separate cream from milk?

  9. A car moving along a straight line covers a distance of 1 km towards the east in 100s. Find the (i) speed of the car. (ii) the velocity of the car.

  10. The diagram shows the position of a ball a it rolls down a track - the ball took 0.5s sec to roll from one position to other.
    (a) State where the motion of the ball is uniform or non-uniform motion.
    (b) What is the distance travelled by the ball in 2.5 s?
    (c) Find the average velocity of the ball from. A to F.


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