9th Standard English Medium Science Subject Book Back 5 Mark Questions with Solution Part - I

9th Standard

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  1. How will you find the thickness of a one rupee coin?

  2. A train travelling at a speed of 90 kmph. Brakes are applied so as to produce a uniform acceleration of ‒0.5 ms-2. Find how far the train will go before it is brought to rest?

  3. A car is fitted with a convex mirror of focal length 20 cm. Another car is 6 m away from the first car.
    a) Find the position of the second car as seen in the mirror of the first
    b) What is the size of the image if the second car is 2 m broad and 1.6 m high?
    Focal length = 20 cm (convex mirror)
    Object distance = -6m
     = -600 cm
    Image distance v =?
    Calculation for position of image using mirror equation

  4. Explain Tyndall effect and Brownian movement with suitable diagram.

  5. What conclusions were made from the observations of Gold foil experiment?

  6. Outline the flow chart of invertebrate phyla

  7. How are vitamins useful to us? Tabulate the sources, deficiency diseases and symptoms of fat soluble vitamins

  8. What are the different steps involved in data processing?

  9. Explain convection in daily life.

  10. How are the home appliances connected in general, in series or parallel. Give reasons.

  11. List down the differences between Ionic and Covalent compounds.

  12. Plaster of Paris should be stored in a moisture proof container. why?

  13. What are meristems? Describe the distribution and functions of various types of meristems.

  14. Describe the construction and working of mercury barometer.

  15. Name the three safer resin codes of plastics and describe their features.


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