2 Mark Important Questions

9th Standard

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Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100
  1. Define least count of any device

  2. Can you find the diameter of a thin wire of length 2 m using the ruler from your instrument box?

  3. Calculate the correct readings of the Vernier caliper L.C. 0.01 em Zero correction - Nil.

    S.No. M.S.R V.C Observed Reading = M.S.R + (V.C x L.C) Correct Reading
    1 3 4    
    2 3 7    
  4. How is washing machine wash the clothes?

  5. Copy this figure in your answer book and show the direction of the light ray after reflection

  6. Why does a ray of light bend when it travels from one medium to another?

  7. Define magnification.

  8. A few drops of ‘Dettol’ when added to water the mixture turns turbid. Why?

  9. Name the sublimate that you will be getting when you heat a mixture of
    i. Iodine and sand
    ii. Sodium chloride and ammonium chloride.

  10. You must have seen brass statues in museums and places of worship.Brass is an alloy made up of approx.30% zinc and 70% copper.Is Brass a pure substance or a mixture or compound?

  11. Name an element which has the same number of electrons in its first and second shell

  12. Compare the charge and mass of protons and electrons.

  13. What are nucleons ?

  14. Give the technical terms for the following:
    a) Growth dependent movement in plants.
    b) Growth independent movement in plants.

  15. Study the pictures below and then complete the table by putting a plus (+) if the shoot or root grows towards the stimulus and a minus (-) if it grows away from it.

    Stimulus Light Gravity
    Shoot + -
    Root ? +

  16. What is acrania?

  17. What are the sub-phylum of prochordates?

  18. What are called pneumatic bones?

  19. Differentiate : Macronutrients from micronutrients

  20. A doctor advices an adolescent girl who is suffering from anaemia to include more of leafy vegetables and dates in her diet. Why so?

  21. Name any two essential fatty acids.

  22. Who was the first programmer?

  23. What is the heat in joules required to raise the temperature of 25 grams of water from 0ºC to 100ºC? What is the heat in Calories?
    (Specific heat of water = 4.18 J/gºC)

  24. How much heat energy is required to change 2 kg of ice at 0ºC into water at 20ºC? (Specific latent heat of fusion of water = 3,34,000J/kg, Specific heat capacity of water = 4200JKg-1K-1).

  25. Heat gained by a body depends upon which factors?

  26. What are electric lines of force?

  27. Define electric field.

  28. List the main parts of an electric motor.

  29. Draw and label the diagram of an AC generator.

  30. Define magnetic shielding

  31. State modern periodic law.

  32. What are s-block elements?

  33. What are metalloids? Give examples

  34. Interpret: Acetic acid (CH3COOH) is a mono basic acid

  35. Give two types of Sclerenchyma.

  36. Name the connective tissue with a fluid matrix.

  37. What is zygotene?

  38. Arrange the following five steps of nutrition in correct sequence: (digestion, assimilation, ingestion, egestion, absorption)

  39. Write the names of male and female sex hormone.

  40. What is the contribution of Joseph Murray in Nephrology?

  41. Define time period of a satellite.

  42. What is a satellite? What are the two types of satellites?

  43. How many valence electrons are there in carbon?

  44. Which three resin codes are unsafe?

  45. What are called Anaesthetics? How are they classified?

  46. What is Forensic chemistry related to?

  47. Differentiate 
    a. Exotic breed and Indigenous breed
    b. Pollen and Nectar
    c. Shrimp and Prawn
    d. Fin fish and Shell fish
    e. Farmyard manure and Sheep manure


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