4 Mark Important Questions

9th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 288
  1. Write the rules that are followed in writing the symbols of units in SI system.

  2. How will you measure the least count of vernier caliper ?

  3. The Main scale reading is 3.8 Vernier scale coincidence = 5th division. No zero error. Find the length of the iron cylinder.

  4. What do you understand about negative acceleration?

  5. What is meant by uniform circular motion? Give two examples of uniform circular motion.

  6. A car moving along a straight line covers a distance of 1 km towards the east in 100s. Find the (i) speed of the car. (ii) the velocity of the car.

  7. What is meant by magnification? Write its expression. What is its sign for the
    a) real image b) virtual image

  8. Write the spherical mirror formula and explain the meaning of each symbol used in it.

  9. What is the reason for the brilliance of diamond?

  10. Differentiate between filtrate and distillate

  11. How will you separate a mixture containing saw dust, naphthalene and iron filings?

  12. What are the factors required for change of state?

  13. Calculate the atomic number of an element whose mass number is 39 and number of neutrons is 20. Also find the name of the element

  14. State the law of multiple proportions

  15. What are anions and cations? Give example.

  16. Briefly, explain nastic movements

  17. How is the body wall of coelenterates arranged?

  18. List five characteristic features of fishes.

  19. Sanjana wants to buy a jam bottle in a grocery shop. What are the things she should observe on the label before purchasing it

  20. What are the effects of consuming adulterated food?

  21. For what are minerals essential for our body?

  22. Differentiate data and information.

  23. What is data processing?

  24. Why do people prefer wearing white clothes during summer?

  25. 2875 J of heat is required to melt 115 g of lead at its melting point. Calculate the specific latent heat capacity of fusion of lead.

  26. Calculate the heat energy required to raise the temperature of 2kg of water from 10ºC to 50ºC. Specific heat capacity of water is 4200 JKg-1 K-1.

  27. State Ohm’s law.

  28. The current flowing through a lamp is 0.2A. If the lamp is switched on for one hour, What is the total electric charge that passes through the lamp?

  29. A portable radio has a built in transformer so that if can work from the mains instead of batteries. Is this a step up or step down transformer?

  30. State Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction.

  31. Can two magnetic lines of force intersect? Justify your answer

  32. What are groups and periods in the modern periodic table?

  33. What are the limitations of Mendeleev's periodic table?

  34. Identify the compounds as Ionic/ Covalent/Coordinate based on the given characteristics.
    a. Soluble in non polar solvents -
    b. undergoes faster/instantaneous reactions -
    c. Non conductors of electricity -
    d. Solids at room temperature -

  35. Fill in the following table according to the type of bonds formed in the given molecule.
    CaCl2, H2O, CaO, CO, KBr, HCl, CCl4, HF, CO2, Al2Cl6

    Ionic bond Covalent
    Coordinate covalent
  36. Name of the following:
    (a) An element which obtains the noble gas configuration of neon by losing three electrons.
    (b) An element which gains two electrons to obtain noble gas configuration of Neon.

  37. Write any four uses of acids.

  38. Give the significance of pH of soil in agriculture.

  39. What is Aquaregia? Mention its uses

  40. How would you differentiate between meristematic and permanent tissue?

  41. What is complex tissue? Name the various kinds of complex tissues.

  42. Umbilical cord is collected at the time of child birth and stored in stem cell banks? Reason out

  43. Name the types of teeth present in an adult human being. Mention the functions of each.

  44. Give reasons for the following:
    a. Scrotum remains outside the body of human males.
    b. The wall of the stomach is not digested by its own enzyme.

  45. Why do you think that urine analysis is an important part of medical diagnosis?

  46. Name the parts of a computer

  47. Bring out any two differences between input and output devices

  48. Explain wireless connections

  49. State Pascal’s law.

  50. The density of water is 1 g cm–3. What is its density in S.I. units?

  51. In what range you espect the density of the sun to be. In the range of densities of solids and liquids and gases? briefly explain with the help of the following data (Mass of. the Sun = 2.0 x 1030kg, radius of the Sun = 7.0 x 108 m)

  52. Name the device which is used to produce sound in laboratory experiments.

  53. A stone is dropped from the top of a tower 750 m high into a pond of water at the base of the tower. When is the splash heard at the top?
    (Given g = 10 m s–2 and speed of sound = 340 m s–1)

  54. What is reverberation, How can it be reduced?

  55. Write about comets in brief.

  56. Write short notes on Gaganyaan

  57. What is Big bang theory?

  58. Differentiate graphite and diamond

  59. What are saturated and unsaturated compounds called?

  60. Does carbon soluble in water? Name some compounds which are soluble in water.

  61. What are the two categories of drugs.

  62. According to you, which process of water cycle is adversely affected by human activities?

  63. What are the challenges faced by hydrophytes in their habitat?

  64. List out some adaptations of Mesophytes

  65. What are secondary metabolites?

  66. What are the types of vegetable garden?

  67. Why are manure and fertilizers used in fields.

  68. Distinguish between Virion and Viroid.

  69. Sanjay had an attack of chicken pox and has just recovered. The health officer of his locality says that the disease would not occur again for him. What would be the reason for this?

  70. a) Name two diseases that are caused by virus?
    b) Write any two important characterisics of virus.

  71. What is Hardware and Software?

  72. What do you mean by Operating System? How it Works?


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