Term 1 Model Questions

9th Standard

    Reg.No. :


Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 60
    5 x 1 = 5
  1. 1 metric ton is equal to


    100 quintals


    10 quintals


    1/10 quintals


    1/100 quintals

  2. Slope of the velocity - time graph gives









  3. When a ray of light passes from one medium to another medium, refraction takes place when angle of incidence is







  4. Among the following______is a mixture


    Common Salt




    Carbon dioxide


    Pure Silver

  5. Mesoglea is present in









  6. 5 x 1 = 5
  7. Metre is the unit of ________



  8. Negative acceleration is called ____________



  9. 1500C = __________ K



  10. The valency of Argon is ________



  11. Vitamin D is called as _______________ vitamin as it can be synthesised by the body from the rays of the sun.



  12. 4 x 1 = 4
  13. Liquids expand more than gases on heating.

    (a) True
    (b) False
  14. When the weather is hot, water evaporates lesser which is due to opening of stomata.

    (a) True
    (b) False
  15. Balanoglossus is a ciliary feeder

    (a) True
    (b) False
  16. Lack of adequate fats in diet may result in low body weight

    (a) True
    (b) False
  17. 5 x 1 = 5
  18. Temperature

  19. (1)

    Pure substance

  20. Constant retardation

  21. (2)

    9.31 x 10-28g

  22. Within focus

  23. (3)


  24. Mixture

  25. (4)

  26. Mass of electron

  27. (5)

    Behind the mirror- Magnified, virtual, erect

    3 x 2 = 6
  28. Assertion (A): The SI systems of units is the improved system of units for measurement.
    Reason (R): The SI unit of mass is kilogram
    (a) Both A and R are true but R is not the correct reason
    (b) Both A and R are true and R is the correct reason
    (c) A is true but R is false
    (d) A is false but R is true

  29. Mark the correct choice as:
    (a) Both assertion and reason are true and reason in the correct explanation of assertion.
    (b) Both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.
    (c) Assertion is true but reason is false.
    (d) Assertion is false but reason is true.
    Assertion: The accelerated motion of an object may be due to change in magnitude of velocity or direction or both of them.
    Reason: Acceleration can be produced only by change in magnitude of the velocity it does not depend the direction.

  30. Assertion: Haemoglobin contains iron.
    Reason: Iron deficiency leads to anaemia
    (a) If both Assertion and Reason are true and the Reason is the correct explanation of Assertion
    (b) If both Assertion and Reason are true but Reason is not the correct explanation of Assertion
    (c) If Assertion is true but Reason is false
    (d) If both Assertion and Reason is fals

  31. 2 x 1 = 2
  32. AGMARK

  33. FSSAI

  34. 2 x 2 = 4
  35. What is nastic movement?

  36. Define photosynthesis.

  37. 5 x 2 = 10
  38. Define standard unit.

  39. Copy this figure in your answer book and show the direction of the light ray after reflection

  40. Write the electronic configuration of K+ and Cl

  41. Copy the following and write the names of the laws and their simple definitions in the space provided.

  42. Fill in the blanks:
    6CO2+________\(\overset { Sunlight }{ \underset { Chlorophyll }{ \longrightarrow } } \) _____ +6H2O+6O2 \(\uparrow\)

  43. 3 x 3 = 9
  44. Distinguish distance and displacement.

  45. What is meant by Rf value?

  46. List five characteristic features of fishes.

  47. 2 x 5 = 10
  48. Find the mass of an object weighing 98 N.

  49. List out the generations of computer


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