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IX STD Model Question

9th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 60

    I. Choose the best answer 

    8 x 1 = 8
  1. ____________was the Roman Governor responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.


    Innocent I




    Leo I


    Pontius Pilate

  2. Harun-al-Rashid was the able emperor of_________


    Abbasid dynasty


    Umayyad dynasty


    Sassanid dynasty


    Mongol dynasty

  3. The guild known as the "the five hundred" (ainnurruvar) had its headquarters in__________









  4. ____________-was the headquarters of the Portuguese possession in the East.









  5. The oceanic ridge comes into existence due to


    convergence of tectonic plates


    divergence of tectonic plates


    lateral movements of plates


    stearing of plates

  6. Nutrients are recycled in the atmosphere with the help of certain micro organisms, referred to as








    None of the above

  7. According to tbe UNO, a cbild is, a person wbo bas not completed tbe age of_________ years









  8. The Head Quarters of the RBI is at_________





  9. II. Match the following  

    8 x 1 = 8
  10. Mariana trench

  11. (1)

    Deepest point in the Pacific

  12. Sargasso sea

  13. (2)


  14. Spring tides

  15. (3)

    On full and new moon days

  16. Kuroshio current

  17. (4)

    Saudi Arabia

  18. US Dollar

  19. (5)

    Along the coast of Japan

  20. Currency in circulation

  21. (6)

    Automatic Teller Machine

  22. ATM

  23. (7)

    North Atlantic Ocean

  24. Riyal

  25. (8)

    Universally accepted currency

    III. Answer any 12 questions :

    12 x 2 = 24
  26. What does the term ‘biodiversity’ mean?

  27. What are the fundamental rights?

  28. Write any two points on the contribution of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to labourers

  29. What is spice route? Why was it called so?

  30. The northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere are called land and water hemispheres respectively.

  31. Continental shelf provides good fishing ground.

  32. Producers are also called autotrophs

  33. (i) Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was a tyrant.
    (ii) Romulus Aurelius was the most admired ruler in Roman History.
    (iii) Fabius was a famous Carthaginian General.
    (iv) Tacitus is respected more than Livy as a historian.
    (a) (i) is correct
    (b) (ii) is correct
    (c) (ii) and (iii) are correct
    (d) (iv) is correct.

  34. i) Mythical geneologies were collected by Col. Mackenzie.
    ii) Indigo was the most important beverage crop in India.
    iii) Mahmud Gawan was the minister in Alauddin Khalji's kingdom.
    iv) The Portuguese built their first fort in Goa.

  35. Abyssal plains and Ocean deeps.

  36. Savannas and Tundra

  37. Highlight the main contribution of Constantine

  38. What do you know of the Carthaginian leader Hannibal?

  39. Impact of Crusades

  40. Mention the two natural advantages that India had in cotton weaving.

  41. Explain how the invention of printing press influenced Renaissance, Reformation and Geographical discoveries.

  42. What is hydrological cycle?

  43. IV. Answer any four questions 

    4 x 5 = 20
  44. Highlight the contributions of Rome to World Civilization

  45. Write a note on continental shelf and continental slope

  46. Write a paragraph about UDHR

  47. Write in detail about the various functions of money.

  48. Locate the following on the world outline map.
    1. Priairies
    2. Downs
    3. Tundra Biomes
    4. Equatorial Biomes


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