All Chapter 5 Marks

9th Standard

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Social Science

Answer All The Following Question:

Time : 04:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 280
    Answer All The Following Question:
    12 x 1 = 12
  1. Direct ancestor of modern man was ______________


    Homo habilis


    Homo erectus


    Homo sapiens


    Neanderthal man

  2. ______________ inscriptions datable to third century BCE refer to the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas in ancient Tamilagam.









  3. ________ are stone artefacts of small size









  4. _________ are tools used for scraping the surfaces









  5. The Sumerian system of writing









  6. Assertion (A): Assyrians of Mesopotamian civilisation were contemporaries of Indus civilisation.
    Reason(R): The Documents of an Assyrian ruler refer to the ships from Meluha


    A and R are correct and A explains R


    A and R are correct but A doesn’t explain R


    A is incorrect but R is correct


    Both A and R are incorrect

  7. ___________ did not give much attention to the life after death.


    The Sumerians


    The Babylonians


    The Egyptians


    The Chinese

  8. The yellow river is known as the sorrow of __________ .









  9. The name of the script used in the Sangam Age









  10. The famous Venetian traveller who described Kayal as a great and noble city


    Vasco da gama




    Marco Polo



  11. This is an Epic_______________






    Mullai pathu


    Madurai Kanchi

  12. (i) Barter was the primary mode of exchange.
    (ii) Spices including pepper and precious stones were exported.
    (iii) The Sangam Age saw the first urbanization in Tamilagam.
    (iv) People in the Sangam Age had no faith in religion.  


    (i) is correct


    (i) is correct (ii) incorrect


    (i) is correct (iv) incorrect


    (i), (ii), (iii) correct (iv) incorrect

  13. 56 x 5 = 280
  14. The developments in the fields of agriculture, pottery and metal tools are considered a landmark in the life of Megalithic period-Substantiate.

  15. Domestication of Animals and plants. A milestone in Human History. Explain

  16. To what extent is the Chinese influence reflected in the fields of philosophy and literature.

  17. Write about the hidden treasure of Indus civilization.

  18. Indicate how the industries and crafts of the Sangam Age contribute to their economy.

  19. Explain the "Archaeological sites".

  20. Compare and contrast the principles of Jainism and Buddhism

  21. Give reasons for the decline of Buddhism.

  22. Describe the structure of the Earth

  23. Give an account of 'Tsunami'

  24. Give a detailed account on the three orders of land forms

  25. Describe the Erosional landforms of Sea

  26. Write a paragraph about the structure of the atmosphere.

  27. How is the Orographic rainfall caused?

  28. What are the challenges to democracy? explain

  29. Though democracy in India has been appreciated worldwide for its working there is still a lot of scope for improvement - Discuss.

  30. What are the function of Pressure groups in India?

  31. Give an account of Mobilisation and Democratic Participation.

  32. Differentiate between renewable and non-renewable resources

  33. Describe sustainability of Development.

  34. Explain the employment structure of India.

  35. Highlight the contributions of Rome to World Civilization

  36. Highlight the contribution of Greece to World Civilization

  37. Who were the Mongols? How did they rule China?

  38. During the later Middle Ages what developments did Christianity undergo?

  39. Discuss the political changes during 1526-1707 A.D. (C.E.).

  40. Write a note on the following:
    Darasuram Temple

  41. Discuss how Renaissance, Reformation and Geographical discoveries heralded the modern age?

  42. Explain the term Renaissance.

  43. Write a note on Fresh Water

  44. Why is the salinity at the equator less even though it experiences high temperature?

  45. Explain the various components of ecosystem

  46. What are the benefits for workers provided by labour law?

  47. Explain Child Rights.

  48. Explain in detail about the role of RBI in the country.

  49. How is currency printed in India?

  50. “Taxation without Representation” led to the outbreak of American War of Independence – Explain

  51. State the results of the American war of Independence

  52. Enumerate the causes for the Second Industrialization in the USA.

  53. The Coal production in England increased from 4.7 million tonnes in 1750 to 250 million tonnes in 1900. Give reasons.

  54. Discuss the economic impact of British Rule in India.

  55. Write a note on the famines which occurred in British India.

  56. Describe the patterns of rural settlement with neat diagrams.

  57. Explain the classification of Environment.
    (a) Natural Environment
    (b) Human Environment
    (c) Man made Environment

  58. What do you mean by the term 'scale of the map'? Explain its classification.

  59. Write a note on Google Earth.

  60. During and earthquake, why should we exit through staircase and not use elevators?

  61. Write about the presidential form of government and what is the difference between presidential and parliamentary forms of government.

  62. Write note the Parliamentary form of Government.

  63. Write in details about the salient features of the 73rd & 74th Constitutional Amendment Act (1992).

  64. Write about the Gandhi's Concept of Gram Swaraj.

  65. How different factors contribute to road accidents?

  66. What are the problems faced by using ground water for agriculture?

  67. Explain the term Virtual water.

  68. Discuss the patterns of migration

  69. Write a short note on "Red Tea".


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