All Chapter 3 Marks

9th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 69
    Answer All The Following Question:
    23 x 3 = 69
  1. How important are coins as a source of evidence for the study of Sangam Age?

  2. Elaborate the term “Tri-ratnas”.

  3. Scientists use GPS to measure the rate of Tectonic Plate movements. Discuss.

  4. Pacific Ring of Fire - Most seismically and volcanically active. Why?

  5. What do you mean by biological weathering?

  6. Cuddalore and Nagapattinam are always affected by cyclones. Why?

  7. Give Abraham Lincoln’s definition for democracy.

  8. Distinguish between two-party system and the multi-party system.

  9. Expand the following: 1. NNP 2. PCI

  10. Agriculture, despite a sharp decline in Gross Domestic Product, continues to be the largest employer in Tamil Nadu. Give reason

  11. What were the reasons for the prosperity of Han Empire?

  12. Why did the first Persian attack on Greece fail?

  13. Write about the two instruments used by Medieval Pope to assert his authority.

  14. What is sericulture?

  15. How did Akbar consolidated the Mughal empire?

  16. What is Columbian Exchange?

  17. Bring out the main features of India at the dawn of Modern Age in Europe

  18. What does this picture depict ? Write a note on the processes involved in it.

  19. Migration towards cities are the main cause for the birth of slums. Justify.

  20. Write a short note on Tsunami

  21. Mention the causes for fire? What are the problems caused by fire?

  22. Write down the differences between unitary form of government and federal form of government.

  23. What are the de-merits of federal form government?


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