All Chapter 2 Marks

9th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 90
    Answer All The Following Questions:
    45 x 2 = 90
  1. List out the features of Megalithic Burial types

  2. What was the main factor for the development of early civilisations?

  3. The Egyptians excelled in art and architecture. Illustrate.

  4. What is Egyptian civilisation known for?

  5. What does the third section of-the Tholkappiyam describe?

  6. Menton the Educational centres of Mauryan Administration.

  7. What are fossils?

  8. Glaciers do not form deep narrow valleys. Why?

  9. What are Transverse Dunes?

  10. What is insulation?

  11. Who discovered Nitrogen in Atmosphere? When?

  12. What do you mean by "Republic"?

  13. How does democracy lead to a peaceful and a harmonious life among the citizens? Explain.

  14. What do you know about Voters Verified Paper Audit Trail?

  15. What is the end result of Development?

  16. What is the nature of employment in India?

  17. Fall of Constantinople
    Who moved towards the Italian City states?

  18. Why is earth called a Blue planet?

  19. What is Biosphere?

  20. Mention about the human settlement in the Tropical Forest Biomes.

  21. Write a short note on the Right to Constitutional Remedies

  22. What is Childline?

  23. Why was money invented?

  24. What phenomenon increased the importance of the market and money?

  25. Who were Puritans? Why did they leave England?

  26. What was the impact of the American war of Independence on the French Revolution?

  27. What was the condition of labourers’ houses during Industrial Revolution

  28. "Manchester became the textile capital of the world" - Give reasons.

  29. State the three phases in the colonialisation of Indian economy.

  30. Why was the indentured labour introduced?

  31. Write any two ways of how the locals and the government restored Palk Bay.

  32. Mention the preventive measures of land pollution.

  33. Mention a few surveying instruments.

  34. Mention the disadvantages of Remote sensing.

  35. How many males and females die per day due to fire in India?

  36. What is meant by top, drop and roll?

  37. Democracy in Nepal

  38. Historic Transition in Bhutan.

  39. Give the two important recommendations of L.M. Singhri Committee (1986).

  40. What is a Corporation?

  41. What are the preventive measures for accidents?

  42. Differentiate between small and marginal farmers

  43. Write a note river Cauvery.

  44. List the four destinations and the percentage of migrants from Tamil Nadu

  45. Do to determine the extent and nature of migration?


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