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3rd Term Complete Study Material

9th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 02:15:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 60

    I. Choose the best answer 

    7 x 1 = 7
  1. The moderate liberals who wanted to retain Louis XVI as a limited monarchy were called ________









  2. Which of the following is observed to commemorate the Hay Market Massacre?


    Independence Day


    Farmers Day


    Labour Day


    Martyrs Day

  3. The Discovery of gold in the __________ led to a large number of British miners settled in and around Johannesburg.




    Orange Free State


    Cape Colony



  4. The extraction of valuable minerals and other geological minerals from the mines, is ___________.









  5. Which of the following statements is untrue?


    'Stop, Drop, Roll’ is for fire.


    ‘Drop, Cover, Hold’ is for an earthquake


    ‘If sea water recedes back, run to higher places’ is for flood.


    ‘If gunshots are heard, drop to the ground and cover the head with hand’ is for riot.

  6. The Uthiramerur stone inscription show evidences of prevelant local self government during the ____________ period in Tamil Nadu.









  7. The North-East monsoon period in Tamilnadu


    August – October


    September – November


    October – December


    November – January

  8. II. Match the following  

    6 x 1 = 6
  9. Seven years war

  10. (1)

    noice pollution

  11. Menelik

  12. (2)

    Britain and France

  13. Loudspeaker 

  14. (3)

    to reduce the volume of migration

  15. The art and science of mapping

  16. (4)


  17. Non-food crops

  18. (5)


  19. Migration policy

  20. (6)

    Coconut, Chanal

    III. Answer any 11 questions :

    11x 2 = 22
  21. Write any two ways of how the locals and the government restored Palk Bay.

  22. Large scale map and small scale map

  23. Democracy in Nepal

  24. Name the Urban local governments.

  25. Give two examples for each food crop and non-food crops

  26. What are the factors responsible for the poorer sections and better-off sections to migrate

  27. Population growth has to be brought under controll.

  28. Web cartography is one of the modern mapping techniques.

  29. Point out the significance of “the Boston Tea Party”.

  30. Write a note on Zulu tribe.

  31. Social life in France
    a) What was the tax collected by the Church in France?
    b) Who was Danton?
    c) Who were the Encyclopaedists of eighteenth century France?
    d) Who provided free labour for the construction of public roads?

  32. “Taxation without Representation” led to the outbreak of American War of Independence – Explain

  33. IV. Answer any three questions

    3 x 5 = 15
  34. Explain the process of colonisation in Africa

  35. What do you mean by the term 'scale of the map'? Explain its classification.

  36. Suppose you are in a room of a strong building without any furniture when and earthquake occurs. What would you do to protect yourself from the earthquake?

  37. Write about the presidential form of government and what is the difference between presidential and parliamentary forms of government.

  38. What are the problems faced by using ground water for agriculture?

  39. V. Answer the following 

    2 x 5= 10
  40. On the outline map of the world mark the following.
    1. An area of high density of population in Europe.
    2. An area of low density of population in Australia.
    3. Palk Bay.
    4. A fracking banned country.
    5. England - A country affected by 'black death'.
    6. Denmark - First country where the modern census was conducted.
    7. River Hwang Ho.

  41. With the help of an atlas, mark the following on the outline map of Tamil Nadu.
    a) The latitude and longitude of Chennai.
    b) Mark the city located at 100 N, 780 E.
    c) Locate the city approximately on 110N and 760E.
    d) Find the latitude and longitude of Kanyakumari and mark it.


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