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All Chapter 2 Marks

6th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Social Science

Time : 01:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 84
    Answer All The Following:
    42 x 2 = 84
  1. What are the sources available to know about the pre-historic period?

  2. Compare the lifestyle of Old Stone Age man with present day lifestyle.

  3. How would you define archaeology?

  4. Importance of invention of wheel from the ancient period to the modern period.

  5. Why Indus Civilisation is called Bronze Age civilisation?

  6. can you guess what happpened to the harappans?

  7. Write a brief note on ancient cities of India.

  8. Name the scholars who were born at Kancheepuram.

  9. What is a continent?

  10. What are oceans?

  11. Complete the given table with the help of an atlas. Follow the example

    S.No Mountain Ranges Peaks Continents Elevation
    1. The Himalayas Everest Asia 8,848
    2. The Rockies      
    3. The Andes      
    4. The Alps      
    5. The Eastern Ghats      
  12. When you are walking on the Marina beach in Chennai, which order of landform are you on?

  13. What are the types of diversity?

  14. List out the various festivals celebrated in different states.

  15. What is Prejudice?

  16. What is stereotype?

  17. Name the gods that the Rig Vedic Aryans worshipped?

  18. Name the new animal used by the Aryans?

  19. Place the following words in the appropriate column.
    Words: Jina, Mahayana, Tirthankaras, Stupas Nirvana, Digambara, Tripitakas, Agama

    Jainism Buddhism
  20. Human resources.

  21. Give an example for the human resources?

  22. What are the uses of natural resources?

  23. Mention the upper parts ofthe national emblem?

  24. What do you know about the,upper parts of the national emblem?

  25. When did they complete this work?

  26. What is the meaning of "Secular?

  27. Sandhai – Define

  28. What are called secondary occupation?

  29. Who is the real shadow of the cities?

  30. What do you know about the early man?

  31. What did Indian scientists achieve in astronomy and mathematics during the Gupta period?

  32. Give an account on Western Chalukyas of Kalyani.

  33. What is a geoid?

  34. Name the four hemispheres of the Earth.

  35. Define Disaster

  36. Write a short note on ‘Thunder and lightning’

  37. What are the types of democracy?

  38. Compare and contrast direct democracy and representative democracy.

  39. Is there any corporation in your district? Name it.

  40. Who are the representatives elected in a Village Panchayat

  41. Discuss about the statistics of 2017 accidents data

  42. Draw posters related to road safety


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