11th Public Exam March 2019 Important 5 Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Computer Applications

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 250
    50 x 5 = 250
  1. Discuss the various generations of computers

  2. Explain in detail the different types of Mouse.

  3. What are Registers? Explain the five Registers that are essential for instruction execution.

  4. a. Add 11010102 + 1011012
    b. Subtract 11010112 - 1110102

  5. How AND and OR can be realized using NAND and NOR gate

  6. What is number system? Describe different number systems in detail.

  7. Convert the Following - (101.10)16 \(\rightarrow \)  (?2) = (?)10

  8. Explain the characteristics of a microprocessor.

  9. How the read and write operations are performed by a processor? Explain.

  10. Explain the classification of Microprocessor based on Instruction set?

  11. Explain the concept of a Distributed Operating System.

  12. Explain the main purpose of an operating system

  13. Explain memory management techniques.

  14. Explain the classification of Opensource OS

  15. Write the procedure to create, rename, delete and save a file in Ubuntu OS. Compare it with Windows OS.

  16. Write the important functions of an operating system?

  17. Explain the elements of Windows.

  18. Explain the most common indicators in Ubuntu OS menu bar.

  19. What are the different methods to change margin in writer?

  20. What are Header and Footer? How do you insert page numbers?

  21. Explain the important features of Openoffice Writer.

  22. Explain the four types of paragraph alignment

  23. Explain the steps to find and replace the text in writer.

  24. Explain the different techniques to insert tables in a writer.

  25. Explain about changing the column width in Calc.

  26. Read the following table​​​​​​​

      A B C D E
    1 Year Chennai Madurai Tiruchi Coimbatore
    2 2012 1500 1250 1000 500
    3 2013 1600 1000 950 350
    4 2014 1900 1320 750 300
    5 2015 1850 1415 820 200
    6 2016 1950 1240 920 250

    Above table shows the sales figures for "Air Cooler" sold in four major cities of Tamilnadu from the year 2012 to 2016. Based on this data, write the formula to calculate the following.
    (1) Total sales in the year 2015.
    (2) Total sales in Coimbatore from 2012 to 2016.
    (3) Total sales in Madurai and Tiruchi during 2015 and 2016.
    (4) Average sales in Chennai from 2012 to 2016
    (5) In 2016, how many "Air Coolers" are sold in Chennai compared to Coimbatore?

  27. Explain how a presentation can help a sales person to promote his/her products.

  28. Compare the different geographical types of Network

  29. Explain any five internet applications with suitable examples.

  30. Explain the different types of interactions in e-governance.

  31. Explain the steps to create a webpage.

  32. Explain the four structural tags used in webpage.

  33. Define the following terms (i) link (ii) Hyperlink (iii) Internal link (iv) Local link
    (v) External link

  34. Explain scrolling text using < Marquee >.

  35. Explain How will you create drop-down list box with an example.

  36. List and explain the Font and text element properties and values used CSS.

  37. Explain about the popup dialog boxes in JavaScript.

  38. Explain the lexical structure of a Javascript program.

  39. Explain for loop with example.

  40. Write a Java Script program using while statement to display 10 numbers.

  41. Write a Javascript to find whether the given number is positive or negative?

  42. Explain while loop with suitable example.

  43. Explain the followingfunctions with an example.
    (i) touppercase ( )
    (ii) tolowercase ( )
    (iii) length()
    (iv) parselnt()
    (v) parseFloat()

  44. Write a program in JavaScript to test isNan( ) Function

  45. What are the various crimes happening using computer?

  46. What is piracy? Mention the types of piracy? How can it be prevented?

  47. Explain social engineering with an example.

  48. Explain the function of digital signature.

  49. Explain the working of Firewall server.

  50. .Write about Tamil Office Automation Applications.


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