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+1 Public Exam March 2019 Important Creative Questions and Answers

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Applications

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 200
    100 x 2 = 200
  1. What is a computer?

  2. Distinguish between data and information

  3. What are the components of a CPU?

  4. What is the function of memory?

  5. Distinguish Primary and Secondary memory.

  6. What is NLP?

  7. Name the types of Monitors.

  8. Differentiate keyer and keyboard.

  9. What does reboot mean?

  10. Write the main advantages of using LED & LCD Screen.

  11. Convert (46)10 into Binary number

  12. List the encoding systems for characters it memory?

  13. What Is Boolean Algebra?

  14. Name the Number system is used in general

  15. What is word length?

  16. What is sign bit?

  17. What is a program counter?

  18. Which source is used to erase the content of a EPROM?

  19. Name the different types of CPU Register.

  20. What is memory access time?

  21. What is use of Cache memory?

  22. Which component of Microprocessor is used to transfer data?

  23. What is the function of accumulator?

  24. What is the multi-user Operating system?

  25. What is GUI?

  26. What are the different Operating Systems used in computer?

  27. What is shareware?

  28. Give any two advantages of UNIX

  29. What is process Management?

  30. What is workstation?

  31. Differentiate cut and copy options.

  32. Differentiate Files and Folders

  33. What is the advantage of open source?

  34. What is Launcher?

  35. What is Shut down?

  36. What is Multi-tasking?

  37. Name the elements of windows

  38. What is the use of Start Menu?

  39. How do you insert pictures in to your document?

  40. How do you merge cells in a table?

  41. What is the use of Word Art in writer?

  42. What is Wordwrap?

  43. Differentiate paste and paste special.

  44. Differentiate left indent and right indent.

  45. What is Wrap through?

  46. Write about the text operator in OpenOffice Calc.

  47. What are the keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy and paste?

  48. What are the options available in "Insert Cells" dialog box?

  49. What is cell address? Give example.

  50. What is Active cell?

  51. What is the difference between a slide and a slideshow?

  52. Define a template in Impress.

  53. What is presentation software?

  54. What is a network?

  55. What is a website?

  56. What is Phishing?

  57. What are the needed for TCP/IP?

  58. What is E-mail?

  59. What is Intranet?

  60. What is URL?

  61. What is "Zombie" computer?

  62. How do you define comments in HTML?

  63. What is word processor?

  64. Write a note on < br > tag

  65. Write note on <title> tag.

  66. Write a short note on (i) < strong > (ii) < em >

  67. What is pixel?

  68. What is the use of < center > tag?

  69. Defined link.

  70. Write about internal links in HTML document.

  71. List out the popular image formats.

  72. What is the purpose of < input > tag?

  73. What are the major attributes are available in < textarea > tag?

  74. Name the main attribute of < img > tag state its use.

  75. Write the General format of < embed > tag?

  76. List the attributes used in < input > tag.

  77. Write the general format of linking CSS with HTML.

  78. What is Inline Style?

  79. Write a < style > tag to change color, font name and size of < h3 > tag?

  80. Write about CSS Comments.

  81. Write a notes to type casting in JavaScript

  82. What is conditional operator give suitable example

  83. What is the uses of prompt dialog box?

  84. Give the syntax of write( ) statement with an example.

  85. What is meant by conditional statements in JavaScript?

  86. Differentiate the break and continue statement

  87. Write the syntax of if statement?

  88. Write the syntax of do-while loop

  89. What is a function in JavaScript?

  90. Write a note on Library functions

  91. Write the syntax of functions.

  92. What doyou meanby parameterizedfunction?

  93. What are Warez?

  94. What is a Cookie?

  95. What is cyber crime?

  96. What is meant by unauthorized access?

  97. What is Cyber security?

  98. What are the keyboard layouts used in Android?

  99. What is the use of Tamil interfaces software?

  100. Write note on E-Library.


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