11th Public Exam March 2019 Important 5 Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Computer Science

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 200
    60 x 5 = 300
  1. Explain the basic components of a computer with a neat diagram.

  2. Discuss the various generations of computers.

  3. Explain in detail the different types of Mouse.

  4. What are Registers? Explain the five Registers that are essential for instruction execution.

  5. Write the procedure to convert fractional Decimal to Binary 

  6. Explain the fundamental gates of expression and truth table

  7. Explain the Derived gates with expression and truth table.

  8. What is number system? Describe different number systems in detail.

  9. Convert the Following - (101.10)16 \(\rightarrow \)  (?2) = (?)10

  10. Explain the octal to decimal conversion and hexadecimal to decimal conversion.

  11. Explain the theorems at boolean algebra.

  12. Explain the characteristics of a microprocessor.

  13. Explain the types of ROM.

  14. Explain the classification of Microprocessor based on Instruction set?

  15. Explain the secondary storage devices.

  16. Explain the concept of a Distributed Operating System.

  17. Explain advantages and disadvantages of open source operating systems.

  18. Explain memory management techniques.

  19. Explain the following in detail.
    (a) FIFO (b) SJF (c) Round Robin

  20. Explain the classification of Opensource OS

  21. What is a software? Explain its types in detail.

  22. Explain the versions of Windows Operating System.

  23. Write the procedure to create, rename, delete and save a file in Ubuntu OS. Compare it with Windows OS.

  24. Write the important functions of an operating system?

  25. Explain the different methods of moving files and folders in windows.

  26. Write the significant features of Ubuntu OS.

  27. Explain the types of control flow statements.

  28. Explain Algorithm Design Techniques.

  29. Circulate the contents: Write the specification and construct an algorithm to circulate the contents of the variables A, B and C as shown below: The arrows indicate that B gets the value of A, C gets the value of B and A gets the value of C.

  30. Explain case analysis in detail with an example.

  31. Write the disadvantages of flowcharts.

  32. Write about Binary operators used in C++.

  33. What are the types of Errors?

  34. Differentiate C and C++.

  35. Explain increment and decrement operator with an example.

  36. Write a program to find the area, perimeter and diagonal of a rectangle.

  37. Explain control statement with suitable example.

  38. What entry control loop? Explain any one of the entry control loop with suitable example.

  39. Explain switch-case with an example.

  40. Explain for loop with an example.

  41. Explain Call by value method with suitable example.

  42. What are the different forms of function return? Explain with example.

  43. Explain scope of variable with example.

  44. Explain Inline function with an example

  45. Explain array of structures with example

  46. Write a C++ profram to input 10 values in an array and count the number of odd and even numbers.

  47. Write a C++ program to perform addition of two matrices.

  48. Write the differences between Object Oriented Programming and procedural programming

  49. What are the advanatges of OOPs?

  50. Write the important features of object oriented programming.

  51. Mention the differences between constructor and destructor

  52. Explain the different methods of creating an object in C++

  53. What are the rules for operator overloading?

  54. Explain the different types of inheritance.

  55. Explain the different visibility mode through pictorial representation.

  56. What are the various crimes happening using computer?

  57. Write the different types of cyber attacks.

  58. Write the reasons. now websites typically use cookies.

  59. Explain the different types of encryption.

  60. Explain the function of digital signature.


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