+1 Public Exam March 2019 Important Creative Questions and Answers

11th Standard

    Reg.No. :

Computer Science

Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 150
    75 x 2 = 150
  1. What is a computer?

  2. Distinguish between data and information?

  3. What is the function of an ALU?

  4. What is the function of memory?

  5. Distinguish Primary and Secondary memory.

  6. What is NLP?

  7. What is use of VGA?

  8. Define Pixels.

  9. Why POST is essential?

  10. Write the 1's complement procedure

  11. List the encoding systems for characters it memory?

  12. What Is Boolean Algebra?

  13. Write the associative laws?

  14. List the types of information stored in a computer

  15. Write the radix of Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal Number systems.

  16. Which number system is called positional value system?

  17. Write the one's complement of 10102 and 1001012?

  18. What is EBCDIC?

  19. Convert 110111101011102 to hexa decimal

  20. What is an instruction?

  21. What is HDMI?

  22. Define Decoder. 

  23. What is memory access time?

  24. What is use of Cache memory?

  25. What is USB 3.0?

  26. Define System Bus

  27. What is the multi-user Operating system?

  28. What is multi-processing?

  29. What are the different Operating Systems used in computer?

  30. What is single user OS?

  31. What is a mobile OS?

  32. What is Real Time operating system?

  33. What is the use of a file extension?

  34. Differentiate Save and save As option.

  35. What is Launcher?

  36. What is Multi-tasking?

  37. Name the elements of windows

  38. What is the use of find command in Windows?

  39. What is Multitasking?

  40. Define an algorithm.

  41. Specify a function to find the minimum of two numbers.

  42. Distinguish between a condition and a statement.

  43. Both conditional statement and iterative statement have a condition and a statement. How do they differ?

  44. How do we refine a statement?

  45. What is a Pseudocode?

  46. Define a loop invariant.

  47. What is the relationship between loop invariant, loop condition and the input-output recursively?

  48. What is meant by a token? Name the token available in C++.

  49. What are keywords? Can keywords be used as identifiers?

  50. What is the use of setw( ) format manipulator?

  51. What is a reference variable? What is its use?

  52. Write a note on ++ and -- operator?

  53. What is meant by Declaration?

  54. What is a null statement and compound statement?

  55. What is the output of the following code?
    for (int i=2; i < =10 ; i + =2)
    cout << i;

  56. Write about strlen() function.

  57. What are importance of void data type.

  58. Write a note on Local Scope.

  59. What is the function of getchar () and putchar() function?

  60. What is Traversal in an Array?

  61. Define structure. What is its use?

  62. Differentiate array and structure.

  63. What are the different ways to initialize the structure members?

  64. Differentiate classes and objects.

  65. How is encapsulation and abstraction are interrelated?

  66. Write down the importance of destructor.

  67. What is function overloading?

  68. List the operators that cannot be overloaded.

  69. What is the use of overloading a function?

  70. What is inheritance?

  71. Why derived class is called power packed class?

  72. What is the difference between public and private visibility mode?

  73. Write a short note on cracking.

  74. What is a Cookie?

  75. What TSCII?


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