11th Public Exam March 2019 Important 5 Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 300
    60 x 5 = 300
  1. Write about the planned towns of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

  2. Compare the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic cultures.

  3. Highlight the salient features of Early Neolithic cultures.

  4. Why is the Indus Civilisation also known as Harappan Civilisation?

  5. Write a note on an Upper Palaeolithic Shrine.

  6. Discuss the Megalithic Iron Age Sites discovered in Tamilnadu.

  7. What do you know about the payyampalli?

  8. Give an account of Ajivikam and its spread in India.

  9. Account for the decline of Buddhism in India.

  10. Describe the salient features of Mauryan polity.

  11. Give an account of the edicts of Ashoka.

  12. Write about the Connection between Persian and Sanskrit.

  13. Describe the administrative structure in the kingdom of Muvendars.

  14. Attempt an account of traders and their long distance trade during the Sangam and the immediate post-Sangam period.

  15. Write a note on Stupas.

  16. Discuss the contribution of Kanishka to art and literature.

  17. Given an account of the Tamil Kingdoms of first century CE.

  18. Give an account Indian accounts of the period refer to the yavana?

  19. “Gupta period is called the Golden Age of Ancient India.” Give reasons.

  20. Give a note on the Economic Condition?

  21. Write a note on Rock-cut and Structural Temples?

  22. Explain the religious policy of Harsha.

  23. Account for the greatness of Rashtrakutas.

  24. Write efficiency of Harsha, according to Bana?

  25. Name the Council of Ministers of Harsha.

  26. Discuss the maritime activity in Pallava kingdom.

  27. Write about the bhakti movement literatures?

  28. Write a note about the revenue and taxation?

  29. How did the Second Battle of Tarain prove to be a turning point in Indian History?

  30. Discuss the economic reforms of Ala-ud-din Khalji.

  31. Write about Muhammad military's Raids?

  32. What do you know about Bandagan?

  33. Discuss the socio-religious and cultural conditions during the reign of Cholas.

  34. What are the steps taken by the Pandya kings towards irrigation?

  35. Write a detailed account about the Pandyas religion?

  36. Describe the Society and Economy of the Vijayanagar Empire

  37. Give an account of the reign of Mohammed I of Bahmani kingdom.

  38. Write a note about Golkonda Fort.

  39. Write the administrative reforms of Gawan?

  40. List out the salient features of the Bhakti Movement.

  41. Write the note about Namadeva.

  42. Explain how Akbar’s religious policy was different from the religious policy of Aurangzeb.

  43. Analyze Mughal society in terms of its economy, trade and commerce.

  44. What are the reforms did by Sher Shah?

  45. How was the science and technology in mughal period.

  46. Discuss the career and achievement of Baj Rao I.

  47. Describe Serfoji II’s contribution to modern education.

  48. Describe the impact of Portuguese presence in India.

  49. Highlight the causes for the Anglo–French rivalry in the Carnatic region.

  50. Write the access of coramondel coast?

  51. Mention the Dutch records from the Coromandel?

  52. Explain the Subsidiary Alliance introduced by Lord Wellesley.

  53. What is meant by the provisions of the Subsidiary Treaty?

  54. Explain the coffee plantation.

  55. Explain Famines and Indentured labour.

  56. Explain the organization of Palayakkarar system in South Tamilnadu.

  57. Write in detail about the First Mysore War.

  58. Discuss the role played by Christian missionaries in India.

  59. Write the overall contribution of Brahmo Samaj

  60. Phule looked upon education -Explain


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