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Plus One Public Exam March 2019 Important Creative Questions and Answers

11th Standard

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Time : 02:30:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 200
    70 x 2 = 140
  1. How is the Old Stone Age or Palaeolithic Period divided?

  2. Define Mesolithic culture?

  3. Write a short note on The Great Bath.

  4. What are the occupation of Neolithic Age?

  5. Name few the Middle Palaeolithic sites found in India.

  6. Write about the Zend Avesta.

  7. Who were the Rig Vedic Gods?

  8. What happened after the decline of Indus valley civilization?

  9. Name the gods worshipped in Vedic culture?

  10. Write the tripitakas that serve as the source for our study.

  11. Explain the core of Mahavir’s teachings.

  12. Write the importance of Nagapattinam in the Buddhist history of Tamilnadu.

  13. Write a note on Mahapadma Nanda.

  14. Give a brief note on the literary sources for the study of Mauryan state.

  15. What all are mentioned in the second inscription?

  16. What do you know from Madurai Kanchi?

  17. Identify Adukotpattu Cheralathan.

  18. Name the various levelof rulers.

  19. Name any two epics based on cultural and religious

  20. What was the result of the war between Chandragupta and Seleucus Nicator.

  21. “Menander is said to have ruled a large kingdom in the North West of the country.” Elaborate.

  22. Make a list of the following: Items exported to Rome; Items imported into India from Rome.

  23. Why did Heliodorus, sended Antiacidas from his court?

  24. What do you know of Huns?

  25. List down the Buddhist scholars along with their literary works

  26. Mention the terms in the Gupta Inscriptions?

  27. Who is Sresti?

  28. How did Harsha become the king of Kanauj?

  29. Point out the significance of the battle of Takkolam

  30. Name the taxes collected by Harsha's regin.

  31. Write the successors of pala dynasty?

  32. Attempt a brief account of Aihole Inscription.

  33. Point out the contribution of Ramanujar in making Vaishnavism more inclusive

  34. Which all are reflects the sculpture?

  35. Name some high sound kings from Pallavas.

  36. Scholars patronized by Mahmud of Ghazni

  37. Write a note on Khajuraho temple?

  38. What made the pandya king to suffer?

  39. Why was the Cholamandalam called “Mummudi Cholamandalam"?

  40. List the various units of the land measurement.

  41. Name about the less prominent regions of Cholas?

  42. Write a note on “tarafs”.

  43. What do you know about the contribution of Ravidas to the Bhakti movement?

  44. Mirabai’s songs and lyrics constitute a rich cultural heritage - Explain.

  45. Write the rise of syncretic sects?

  46. Write a short note on a) William Hawkins b) Sir Thomas Roe

  47. What were the three major uprisings against Aurangzeb in the North?

  48. Describe the development of Tamil language and literature during the Mughal period.

  49. Who deeply engrossed Bahadur shah?.

  50. What is called the Zabt system?

  51. Write about Tara Bai.

  52. What marked the climax of the Maratha military might?

  53. In what aspect was Serfoji II in advance of both the missionaries and the colonial state?

  54. What happened after the death of Madhay Rao II?

  55. What is meant by Sardeshmukhi?

  56. Write a note on craft manufacture.

  57. What is meant by Cartaz system?

  58. Island of Bombay

  59. Write a note on Philip II?

  60. Governor Thomas Munro.

  61. Write a note on irrigation development under the British.

  62. What is settlement?

  63. What happened in coffee plantation?

  64. What do you know of “Pagoda”?

  65. Explain Sail Rakab.

  66. What are the major forts of Puli Thevar?

  67. What role did Jyotiba Phule play for social justice ?

  68. Describe the contribution of SNDP Yogam.

  69. What is social reform?

  70. Who are the members of the Prarthana Samaj?

  71. 30 x 3 = 90
  72. What are the main features of Indian Middle Palaeolithic age?

  73. What are the border settlements of the Indus civilisation?

  74. Name few early acheulian tools

  75. Highlight the social divisions in the Rig Vedic period.

  76. Name the copper tools used in chalcolithic age?

  77. Analyse the factors responsible for the rise of towns and cities in the Ganges Plains.

  78. Point out the influence of Jainism in Tamilnadu.

  79. Explain the features of the monarchies or kingdoms on the Gangetic plains.

  80. Discuss the extensive trade on textiles carried on during the Mauryan period.

  81. From where did the word hindhu derived?

  82. Karikala as the greatest of early Chola rulers.

  83. “Muziri was the centre of two circuits of trade.” How?

  84. Where the regions India had trade in his period?

  85. Write a short note on Vikramashila University.

  86. What could be the reasons for the decline of the Gupta Empire? Suggest any three reasons.

  87. What is Jaina Literature?

  88. Kailasanatha cave in Ellora.

  89. Importance of royal women during Chalukya rule.

  90. How many groups according to the basis of style?

  91. Why was Razia Sultana thrown out of power?

  92. Write a note on the role of guilds during the Chola period.

  93. What are the various localities groups in Cholas period?

  94. Nayak System.

  95. Kabir’s teachings.

  96. The Mansabdari system of Akbar.

  97. Point out the results of the Third Battle of Panipat.

  98. Write short notes about Tarangambadi.

  99. Doctrine of Lapse.

  100. Rebellion of 1801.

  101. Swami Vivekananda


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