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Full Portion Two Marks Question Paper

11th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. Write the distinguishing features of Monera.

  2. Mention two characters shared by gymnosperms and angiosperms?

  3. How root climbers differ from stem climber?

  4. Find out the floral formula for a bisexual flower with bract, regular, pentamerous, distinct calyx and corolla, superior ovary without bracteole.

  5. Bring out the significance of phase contrast microscopy.

  6. Name the organelles which are believed to be endosymbiont in Eukaryote cell.

  7. What do you mean by anaphase - promoting complex cyclosome (APC/C)

  8. Which is a common storage polysaccharide? Mention its monomer units.

  9. Which is the basic unit of classification

  10. Identify the structure that the archenteron becomes in a developing animal.

  11. What are the major functions of connective tissues?

  12. What is direct development?

  13. What are adipocytes?

  14. What is dead space?

  15. What happen to the constituents of blood immediately after meal?

  16. What is peculiar about excretion in earthworms

  17. Is Myoglobin the same as Haemoglobin?

  18. Name the parts of the organ of equilibrium involved in the following functions.
    Rotational movement of the head.

  19. What is Drilosphere?

  20. Name the two kinds of cells found in vascular cambium?

  21. What is the significance of imbibition?

  22. Name two immobile elements found in plants.

  23. How do microbes survive on Aanaerobic respiration?

  24. What is critical day length?

  25. What is Thrk's solution?


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