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Answer all the questions 
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    Answer all the questions 

    10 x 1 = 10
  1. Which one of the following statement about virus is correct?


    Possess their own metabolic system


    They are facultative parasites


    They contain DNA or RNA


    Enzymes are present

  2. Identify the incorrect statement about the Gram positive bacteria


    Techoic acid absent


    High percentage of peptidoglycan is found in cell wall


    Cell wall is single layered


    Lipopolysaccharide is present in cell wall

  3. Identify the Archaebacterium









  4. The respiratory pigment in cockroach is









  5. Exoskeleton of which phylum consists of chitinous cuticle?









  6. Classification of sponges is primarily based on the


    body organization


    body plan




    canal system

  7. Cavity of coelenterates is called








    none of these

  8. Mollusca is


    Triploblastic, acoelomate


    Triploblastic, coelomate


    Diploblastic, acoelomate


    Diploblastic, coelomate

  9. Peripatus is known as a connecting link, because it has the characters of both


    Fishes & amphibians


    Reptiles & birds


    Aves & fishes


    Arthropoda & annelids

  10. Osphradium of Pila globosa is









  11. Answer all the questions 

    10 x 2 = 20
  12. New phages are not formed in lysogenic cycle. Explain.

  13. Are viruses useful to us? Justify.

  14. Is bacterial photosynthesis similar to photosynthesis in higher plants? Reason out.

  15. Why reproduction is necessary? Is it essential for survival? If a living organism does not reproduce, to which category will it belong, living or nonliving?

  16. Why virus cannot grow on non-living culture medium.

  17. Why reproduction cannot be the defining characteristic of living organisms?

  18. List the features that all vertebrates show at some point in their development.

  19. Compare closed and open circulatory system.

  20. Identify the structure that the archenteron becomes in a developing animal.

  21. Why blood is considered as a typical connective tissue?

  22. Answer all the questions 

    18 x 3 = 54
  23. Distinguish Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic organisms.

  24. What are the three main symmetry of viruses?

  25. What is Fimbriae or Pili?

  26. Identify the diagram and label any 2 parts.

  27. Enumerate about Growth.

  28. Describe the step of Adsorption in lytic cycle of phages.

  29. Write the importance of Need of Classification.

  30. Write the characteristics of Bacterial chromosome.

  31. Define Aerobic respiration of bacteria.

  32. Distinguish between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.

  33. Match the following.

    Column I Column II
    (P) Euplectella i) Sea anemone
    (Q) Adamsia ii) Filarial worm
    (R) Wuchereria iii) Venus flower basket
    (S) Antedom iv) Sea-Lily

    (a) (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iv)
    (b) (P-iv) (Q-ii) (R-iii) (S-i)
    (c) (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iv) (S-iii)
    (d) (P-ii) (Q-i) (R-iv) (S-iii)

  34. Name the excretory organs found in different animals (any four with examples).

  35. Write the general characters of the phylum cnidaria.

  36. What is meant by 'living fabrics'?

  37. A tree is believed to be releasing oxygen during night time. Do you believe the truthfulness of this statement? Justify your answer by giving reasons?

  38. Grasses have an adaptive mechanism to compensate photorespiratory losses- Name and describe the mechanism.

  39. Respiratory quotient is zero in succulent plants. Why?

  40. Explain the reactions taking place in the mitochondrial inner membrane.

  41. Answer all the questions 

    2 x 5 = 10
  42. Explain Lysogenic cycle of a phage.

  43. Observe the animal below and answer the following questions.

    a. Identify the animal
    b. What type of symmetry does this animal exhibit?
    c. Is this animal Cephalized?
    d. How many germ layers does this animal have?
    e. How many openings does this animal's digestive system have?
    f. Does this animal have neurons?


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