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Important 2 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 116

    Part A

    58 x 2 = 116
  1. What is plasmotomy?

  2. Name the types of natural parthenogenesis.

  3. Name the four types of fission seen in animals

  4. Define fertilisation.

  5. What is spermiation?

  6. Name the cells noticed in the epithelial layer of seminiferous tubule

  7. Name the organs developed from embryonic ectoderm

  8. What are the characteristics of an ideal contraceptive?

  9. What is CVS?

  10. What is Lyon's hypothesis?

  11. Define Barr body.

  12. Write a note on Huntington's chorea.

  13. What is genophore?

  14. Name the various types of prokaryotic DNA polymerase. State their role in replication process.

  15. Degeneracy of codon - comment.

  16. Expand (a) ETS and (b) YAC.

  17. What is paleontology?

  18. Thorn of Bougainvillea and tendrils of Pisum sativum represent homology. How?

  19. Mention any two differences between Homo habilis and Homo erectus

  20. What steps should be taken to maintain good health?

  21. Point out any four peripheral lymphoid organs.

  22. Mention any two drugs to treat insomnia patient

  23. What is zymology?

  24. Why is curd more nutritious than milk?

  25. Name the bacterial species involved in ethanol production.

  26. Rhizobium is a bacteria but acts as bio-fertilization. How?

  27. What is annealing?

  28. List out the benefits of recombinant vaccines.

  29. What are ecological equivalents?

  30. What is Q10 value? How it is calculated?

  31. When and why do snails go into aestivation?

  32. Define species diversity.

  33. Name any four biogeographic zones in India.

  34. When does a species is categorized as endangered?

  35. What is Ozone?

  36. What does 4R stands for?

  37. Define totipotency.

  38. State the role of filiform apparatus found in embryo sac of angiosperm.

  39. What is pollen-pistil interaction?

  40. What is coleoptile and coleorhiza?

  41. Name the first and second law of Mendel.

  42. Provide any four intergenic gene interactions.

  43. What are bivalents? When does this condition is noticed in a cell?

  44. Name any four chemical mutagens.

  45. Write an palindrome sequence of DNA.

  46. Name tbe products oftbe following combinations.
    (a) Bacterial plasmid + cos - site = ________
    (b) Bacterial plasmid + pbage DNA = _______

  47. Write the composition of vitamins used in MS medium.

  48. Sequentially arrange the different units of ecological hierarchy.

  49. Define soil profile.

  50. What are trichophyllous plants? Give example.

  51. How Net Primary Productivity .ean be derived?

  52. Cite few examples of biomolecules that contain phosphorus.

  53. Where did Montreal Protocol was held? State its objectives.

  54. How EIA is beneficial to a society?

  55. Name any two allopolyploid plant species

  56. Write the binomial and the family to which lady's finger belongs to.

  57. What are helper T cells?

  58. What is western blot test?


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