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Model 2 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 102

    Part A

    51 x 2 = 102
  1. Define regeneration mention the types.

  2. During which stagesidoes multiple fission occur is plasmodium.

  3. Differentiate between transverse binary fission and longitudinal binary fission

  4. Repeated fission is a type of multiple fission. Yes or No? Why?

  5. What is Organogenesis?

  6. What is the function of yolk sac in a human embryo?

  7. Name the accessory reproductive glands in female which are homologous to (a) Cowper's gland and (b) Prostate gland.

  8. State the role of relaxin

  9. Define Tubectomy and Vascetomy.

  10. Name the causative organism of (a) Syphilis (b) Genital warts

  11. What is Rh factor or Rh antigen?

  12. Mention few X-linked inherited diseases

  13. Differentiate nucleoside from nucleotide.

  14. What is TATA box? State its function

  15. What are UTR's?

  16. Name the five basic factors involved is the process of organic evolution according to modern synthetic theory.

  17. Name one fossilised connecting link between reptiles and Aves also one living connecting link between Annelida and Arthropoda

  18. What is a digenic organism?

  19. What causes shivering in malarial patient?

  20. Name the antibody responsible for allergic reaction. Also, mention two chemicals released during allergic response.

  21. What is Pasteur effect?

  22. What does LAB stands for? Give two examples.

  23. What are the substrates used in producing industrial alcohol.

  24. Give any two examples for free-living nitrogen fixing bacteria

  25. Name the types of ELISA test.

  26. DefineAttenuated recombinant vaccines

  27. Define 'niche'.

  28. Point out the major functions of soil.

  29. What is habitat fragmentation?

  30. Mention any four categories of species mentioned in Red data book.

  31. Classify air pollutants.

  32. Name the scientist who discovered ozone layer

  33. Define totipotency.

  34. Mention the types of ovule seen in the members of
    (a) Cactaceae
    (b) Leguminosae
    (c) Polygonaceae
    (d) Primulaceae.

  35. Give any four unique characters exhibited by anemophilous flowers.

  36. Mendel's theory is a particulate theory - justify

  37. Why extranuclear inheritance is called as cytoplasmic inheritance.

  38. What will be the result if there is a failure in the formation of synaptonemal complex Give one example of organism where such condition is noticed

  39. How Sharbati Sonora was developed by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan et. al?

  40. What is a palindrome sequence?

  41. How hydrogen is biologically synthsized?

  42. Name any four culture media used in plant tissue culture.

  43. Mention any two competent national authorities that implement Biosafety guidelines.

  44. What does the term 'Timber line' refers to?

  45. Cite an example for partial stein parasite and partial root parasite.

  46. What is meant by productivity of an ecosystem?

  47. Cite few examples of biomolecules that contain phosphorus.

  48. What is meant by biological indicators? Give example.

  49. What is meant by domestication of plants?

  50. Give the binomials of paddy and wheat.

  51. What are helper T cells?


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