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Sample 2 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

    Reg.No. :


Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 94

    Part A

    47 x 2 = 94
  1. What is autogamy?

  2. Name the four types of fission seen in animals

  3. What is Placentation?

  4. What is orchidectomy?

  5. Explain the term C-section.

  6. What is a Foetoscope?

  7. State Wiener Hypothesis on Rb-factor.

  8. What is base pair rule?

  9. Which is the widely accepted model of DNA replication? Who has proved it?

  10. Name the four codons that codes valine.

  11. Name the periods of Mesozoic era.

  12. Human appendix is a vestige. Give reason

  13. What are non-infectious diseases?

  14. Differentiate between infectious and non-infections disease.

  15. What is diapedesis?

  16. What is antibody affinity?

  17. Name an opioid drug and its source plant. How it is useful in medical field?

  18. How are antibiotics classified?

  19. What are methanogens?

  20. Who derived the term antibiotic? Name the antibiotic which he discovered

  21. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is called as brewer's yeast. Justify

  22. Write a brief note on Cyclosporin A.

  23. What are Interferons?

  24. Name the disease that are treated by using interferons.

  25. State Bergmann's rule.

  26. Define alpine zone

  27. Enlist the factors that determine the distribution of biodiversity.

  28. What may be the reasons for the entry of wild lives into the agrtculatural lands or towns?

  29. List out the green house gases. (Any four)

  30. Write the names of organisms that undergo the following types of asexual reproduction.
    (a) Budding
    (b) fragmentation
    (c) Regeneration
    (d) Gemma cup formation.

  31. What is Nucellus

  32. Distinguish between anemophilous flowers and ornithophilous flowers

  33. What is genotype & phenotype?

  34. What are bivalents? When does this condition is noticed in a cell?

  35. What is ploidy?

  36. Write an palindrome sequence of DNA.

  37. Observe tbe given flow cbart and complete it.

  38. Write the composition of vitamins used in MS medium.

  39. What is Niche?

  40. How the steepness of mountain affects the vegetation?

  41. Name the macro consumers and micro consumers.

  42. What is Eltonian pyramid?

  43. Where did Montreal Protocol was held? State its objectives.

  44. Explain the term Carbon sink.

  45. Name any two allopolyploid plant species

  46. Point out the uses of sugarcane.

  47. What is western blot test?


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