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Full Portion Five Marks Question Paper

12th Standard EM

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Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 100
    20 x 5 = 100
  1. The following is the illustration of the sequence of ovarian events (a-i) in a human female.

    a) Identify the figure that illustrates ovulation and mention the stage of oogenesis it represents.
    b) Name the ovarian hormone and the pituitary hormone that have caused the above-mentioned events.
    c) Explain the changes that occurs in the uterus simultaneously in anticipation.
    d) Write the difference between C and H.

  2. Explain the process of oogenesis.

  3. Amnicentesis, the foetal sex determination test, is banned in our country, Is it necessary? comment

  4. Explain the inheritance of sex linked characters in human being.

  5. How is the two stage process of protein synthesis advantageous?

  6. How does Neanderthal man differ from the modern man in appearance?

  7. List the common withdrawal symptoms of drugs and alcohol abuse.

  8. Explain the events in life cycle of plasmodium in the secondary host/Man

  9. Describe the stages of Sewage treatment process

  10. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of cloning.

  11. Describe Population Age Distribution

  12. Write the characteristics of tundra.

  13. Write a note on extinction and its types

  14. Point out the effects of Noise pollution

  15. List out the significance of ploidy.

  16. What is co evolution?

  17. Explain various edaphic factors that affect vegetation.

  18. How Eichhornia crassiper spoils the Indian ecosystem?

  19. List out the new breeding techniques involved in developing new traits in plant breeding.

  20. Explain the role of thymus as an lymphoid organ.


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