Term 1 Five Mark Model Questions

12th Standard EM

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Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    10 x 5 = 50
  1. What is the difference between syngamy and fertilization?

  2. Identify the given image and label its parts marked as a, b, c and d

  3. Write the preventive measures of STDs.

  4. Explain the inheritance of sex linked characters in human being.

  5. List the common withdrawal symptoms of drugs and alcohol abuse.

  6. Differentiate between Tundra and Taiga Biomes.

  7. List out the various causes for biodiversity losses

  8. What are some solutions to toxic dumping in our oceans?

  9. Differentiate the structure of Dicot and Monocot seed.

  10. What is gene mapping? Write its uses


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