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All Chapter 3 Marks

12th Standard EM

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  1. The unicellular organisms which reproduce by binary fission are considered immortal. Justify

  2. Why are the offsprings of oviparous animal at a greater risk as compared to offsprings of viviparous organisms?

  3. What is Incomplete parthenogenesis? Explain with example.

  4. Meiosis is a type of cell division where the chromosomal number is reduced to half the number daughter cells. Which type of cellular division occurs in the drones to produces spermatozoa? Why?

  5. What is the composition of semen?

  6. Name the hormones produced from the placenta during pregnancy.

  7. What is LH surge?

  8. Write any three statements on Sertoli cells

  9. Differentiate foeticide and infanticide

  10. Describe the major STDs and their symptoms.

  11. Write a note on Foetoscope.

  12. Dr. Sheela is a famous Gynaecologist at Poes garden. However illegally she performed amniocentesis for several pregnant illiterates and did MTP if identified as female foetus, on request. Under which act will she get arrested, if a complaint is filed against her.

  13. Mention the symptoms of Downs syndrome.

  14. Explain the genetic basis of ABO blood grouping man.

  15. What is karyotyping?

  16. Explain XX-XO type of sex determination

  17. A low level of expression of lac operon occurs at all the windows for treatment of various genetic disorders. Justify the statement

  18. Why the human genome project is called a mega project?

  19. What is initiation complex in transcription?

  20. Both strands of DNA are not copied during transcription. Give reason.

  21. Darwin's finches and Australian marsupials are suitable examples of adaptive radiation – Justify the statement

  22. How does Mutation theory of De Vries differ from Lamarck and Darwin’s view in the origin of new species.

  23. What is Sewall Wright effect or Genetic drift?

  24. Theory of chemical evolution states that organisms have evolved from inorganic substances. If so, what was the atmospheric condition that favoured evolution?

  25. What are the cells involved innate immune system.

  26. A person is infected by HIV. How will you diagnose for AIDS?

  27. What is innate immunity?

  28. Write a note on Heroin.

  29. Write the key features of organic farming.

  30. Justify the role of microbes as a bio-fertilizer

  31. How is cheese produced?

  32. Draw a microbial fuel cell and label the parts

  33. What are transgenic animals? Give examples

  34. Differentiate between Somatic cell gene therapy and germline gene therapy

  35. Why is E.Coli not used for production of Interferons?

  36. Whether .PCR is applicable for RNA molecules? Explain

  37. Give the diagnostic characters features of a Biome

  38. Differentiate J and S shaped curve

  39. Draw a diagram to show age distribution in a increasing population.

  40. Differentiate temporary parasites and permanent parasites

  41. Extinction of a keystone species led to loss of biodiversity – Justify.

  42. Why is biodiversity so important and worthy of protection?

  43. Write a note on Sacred Groves.

  44. Compare Alpha diversity with Beta diversity.

  45. How can we control eutrophication?

  46. Discuss the role of women in protection and conservation of forests.

  47. Mention some steps taken by Central and State Government in India to Control Air pollution.

  48. What is colony collapse syndrome?

  49. Discuss the importance of Modern methods in reproduction of plants.

  50. “The endosperm of angiosperm is different from gymnosperm”. Do you agree. Justify your answer.

  51. Briefly explain about the types of tapetum.

  52. Cite one common feature and one contrast feature shared between apomixis and parthenocarpy

  53. Explain the law of dominance in monohybrid cross.

  54. What is meant by cytoplasmic inheritance

  55. Write a short note on Atavism.

  56. Mala is a genetic research student. She was given a plant to identify whether it is a homozygous or heterozygous for a particular trait. How will she proceed further?

  57. Write the salient features of Sutton and Boveri concept.

  58. Explain the mechanism of crossing over.

  59. Give a short note on incomplete linkage.

  60. Explain the sex determination mechanism in Carica papaya.

  61. Is their any possibilities to transfer a suitable desirable gene to host plant without vector? Justify your answer.

  62. How will you identify a vectors?

  63. Provide a stepwise procedure of fermentation process.

  64. Write short note on Green fluorescent protein.

  65. Give the examples for micro propagation performed plants .

  66. Based on the material used, how will you classify the culture technology? Explain it.

  67. Briefly explain the surface sterilization of explants.

  68. Study the process given below and mention the phenomena A and B
    (a) Meristematic tissue \(\overset { A }{ \longrightarrow } \) Permanent tissue
    (b) Callus \(\overset { B }{ \longrightarrow } \) Embryoid

  69. Mention any two significant roles of predation plays in nature.

  70. Why do submerged plants receive weak illumination than exposed floating plants in a lake?

  71. Mention any two species that exhibits protective mimicry.

  72. What is co-evolution? Explain with example.

  73. Shape of pyramid in a particular ecosystem is always different in shape. Explain with example.

  74. Generally human activities are against to the ecosystem, where as you a student how will you help to protect ecosystem?

  75. Pyramid of energy is always upright - Justify.

  76. What is biogeochemical cycle? Explain its types.

  77. How do sacred groves help in the conservation of biodiversity?

  78. Which one gas is most abundant out of the four commonest greenhouse gases? Discuss the effect of this gas on the growth of plants?

  79. Mention any three sources of carbon dioxide emission.

  80. Name the movement launched by the people of MandaI village to protect the trees by hugging them.

  81. What are the different types of hybridization?

  82. Explain the best suited type followed by plant breeders at present?

  83. Given below are the examples of symbiotic association in which one partner was mentioned. Write the name of the mutual co-partners.
    (a) Azolla fem + _________
    (b) Root nodules of legume plants + ______
    (c) phycomycetous fungi + ________

  84. Who am I?
    (I) Father of Green Revolution.
    (il) Father of Indian Green Revolution

  85. Write the origin and area of cultivation of green gram and red gram.

  86. Write the uses of nuts you have studied.

  87. Write a short note on foxtail millet.

  88. Write a note on Henna.

  89. Differentiate between:
    Autoimmune disease and Immunodeficiency disease

  90. Explain the process of replication of retrovirus after it gains entry into the human body.

  91. Write a.note an spleen as a lymphoid organ.

  92. What are the applications of antigen antibody reactions?


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