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Important 3 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 147

    Part A

    49 x 3 = 147
  1. Explain encystment in amoeba.

  2. Draw a gemmule and label any 2 parts.

  3. Give the definition for (a) Arrhenotoky (b) Thelytoky (c) Amphitoky

  4. 'A' and 'B' are the male & female sex cells respectively which look alike and performs similar functions. 'A' and 'B' fuse to form a new individual 'D'. Which type of gametic fusion does this represent? Give an example

  5. What is the role of FSH & LH in spermatogenesis?

  6. What is menopause?

  7. In the diagram given below.

    (a) Identify the diagram
    (b) Label the parts

  8. Write any three statements on Sertoli cells

  9. Explain acrosomal reaction.

  10. MTP is legalized in our country. Yes or No? why? 

  11. What are the causes of infertility in human beings?

  12. How the technique of amniocentesis is performed?

  13. What is null allele?

  14. What are Y linked or holandric genes?

  15. What is erythoblastosis foetalis (or) Haemolytic disease of the new born (HDN)? (or) .Write about the incompatiability of Rh-factor.

  16. Explain the genetic basis of Phenylketonuria.

  17. What is reverse transcription?

  18. What is a primer?

  19. Complete the molecular processes by naming them
    (a) DNA ⟶DNA (b) mRNA ⟶Protein (c) RNA transcript ⟶ mRNA

  20. Differentiate between mould and cast

  21. What is the genetic reason for evolution of Darwin's finches?

  22. What is hybrid sterility?

  23. How will you compute the age of fossil?

  24. What is irritable bowel syndrome?

  25. "Smoking and Tobacco chewing is injurious to health" - Comment on the statement.

  26. What will happen if penicillin is administered to a person without checking for sensitivity?

  27. What is the importance of streptomycin.

  28. Define bio-remediation and its types

  29. Name the strategies used in gene therapy.

  30. Whether .PCR is applicable for RNA molecules? Explain

  31. Eurythermy is advantageous to the animal. Justify.

  32. Explain sigmoid growth.

  33. Why is extinction of species considered to be the most severe aspect in loss of biodiversity?

  34. Give an account on slash and burn agriculture.

  35. What is acid rain?

  36. Explain the three main sources of water pollution

  37. What do you know about bee pollen?

  38. Cleistogamous flower and chasmogamous flower. In which type does the autogamy is certain? why?

  39. Give an account on cytoplasmic male sterility.

  40. How and where chiasma is formed?

  41. What are secondary metabolites? Give two examples.

  42. Name any 3 bacterial species used to generate polyhydroxybutyrates (PHB).

  43. Differentiate between Somaclonal and Gametoclonal variations.

  44. What is co-evolution? Explain with example.

  45. What does the term 'Eluviation' stands for?

  46. Recently in January 2019, our Tamil Nadu Government had imposed a ban on using 14 different products of plastic origin. Mention any six plastic products that you know.

  47. State the objective of using green manuring.

  48. Write a note on origin and area of cultivation of cotton.

  49. What is metastasis?


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