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Important 5 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus 2020)

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 115

    Part A

    23 x 5 = 115
  1. Differentiate between the following:
    (a) Binary fission in amoeba and multiple fission in Plasmodium
    (b) Budding in yeast and budding in Hydra
    (c) Regeneration in lizard and Planaria

  2. Explain the role of oxytocin and relaxin in parturition and lactation.

  3. Amnicentesis, the foetal sex determination test, is banned in our country, Is it necessary? comment

  4. Discuss the genic balance mechanism of sex determination with reference to Drosophila.

  5. How is the two stage process of protein synthesis advantageous?

  6. Mention any three similarities found common in Neanderthal man and
    Homo sapiens.

  7. A patient was hospitalized with fever and chills. Merozoites were observed in her blood. What is your diagnosis?

  8. When does antibiotic resistance develop?

  9. What are recombinant vaccines?. Explain the types

  10. Describe Population Age Distribution

  11. Alien species invasion is a threat to endemic species – substantiate this statement.

  12. What is the primary purpose of the Kyoto Protocol?

  13. Enumerate the characteristic features of Entomophilous flowers

  14. Differentiate continuous variation with discontinuous variation.

  15. Draw the diagram of different types of aneuploidy.

  16. What is bioremediation? give some examples of bioremediation.

  17. What do you know about Germplasm conservation. Describe it.

  18. List out any five morphological adaptations of halophytes.

  19. Draw a pyramid from following details and explain in brief.
    Quantities of organisms are given-Hawks-50, plants-1000.rabbit and mouse-250 +250, pythons and lizard- 100 + 50 respectively.

  20. Explain afforestation with case studies.

  21. Write a note on heterosis.

  22. Write the economic importance of rice.

  23. What is vaccine? What are its types?


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