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Model 3 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 123

    Part A

    41 x 3 = 123
  1. Explain multiple fission in plasmodium.

  2. What is ovoviviparous condition?

  3. Write a short note on phases of life cycle.

  4. What is polymenorrhoea?

  5. Write any three statements on Sertoli cells

  6. What is embryo transfer technique?

  7. Name anyone (a) fungal STI (b) Bacterial STI (c) Protozoan STI

  8. 'AB' Blood group individuals are called universal recipients. Justify

  9. What are Kappa particles.

  10. How the Karyotype of lymphocytes was prepared by Tjio and Levan?

  11. State one gene one enzyme hypothesis

  12. Define termination in protein synthesis.

  13. Given below are the structrures of tRNA molecules which are involved in translation process. In one tRNA, codon is mentioned but not the amino acid. In another tRNA molecule, amino acid is named and not the codon. Complete the figure by mentioning the respective amino acids and codons.

  14. What are connecting links?

  15. What is hybrid sterility?

  16. Name the major types of Natural Selection.

  17. Secondary response is a booster response - Explain.

  18. What is SCP?

  19. Explain in simple abouth the production process of industrial alcohol

  20. Can DNA vaccine cause the disease?

  21. Draw a diagram to show age distribution in a increasing population.

  22. Comment on the J-shaped growth form

  23. What is Anthropogenic extinction?

  24. Extinction of Dodo bird led to the danger of Calvaria tree - Justify

  25. What is the impact of oil spills in seas?

  26. Write about the structure of ozone.

  27. Write a note on pollenkitt.

  28. How nuclear endosperm is different from cellular endosperm.

  29. Cite one common feature and one contrast feature shared between apomixis and parthenocarpy

  30. Give the F2 phenotypic ratio of
    a) Supplementary genes
    b) Complementary genes
    c) Dominant epistasis

  31. How and where chiasma is formed?

  32. Explain the three types of duplication with diagram.

  33. In the fermentation process, what does upstream and downstream refers to? Explain.

  34. Draw and label Ti plasmid.

  35. Name any three secondary metabolites obtained from plants and mention their medicinal aspects.

  36. Direction of mountain determines the richness of vegetation - Justify.

  37. What is biogeochemical cycle? Explain its types.

  38. Give a.brief account on In-situ conservation

  39. Provide an example for each of the following agricultural components. (i) Bio pesticide (ii) Green manure crop (iii) Bio-FertiIzier

  40. Write a note on Henna.

  41. What is bursa of fabricius?


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