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Sample 5 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus 2020)

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 115

    Part A

    23 x 5 = 115
  1. Explain parthenogenesis.

  2. Write a note a extra embryonic membranes.

  3. Give a detailed account on various natural methods of contraception.

  4. Write a note on allosomal chromosomal abnormalities.

  5. Describe Hershey and Chase experiment. What is concluded by their experiment?

  6. Explain about the objections to Darwinism.

  7. Write in detail about various types of antigen-antibody reactions.

  8. How microbes are used in Gobar gas production?

  9. List out the uses of Transgenesis

  10. Describe in detail on population interaction.

  11. Write a note on gene banks

  12. How can air pollution be controlled?

  13. Enumerate the characters of anemophilous flowers

  14. Explain Dihybrid cross in pea plant.

  15. Draw a Howchart depicting the various types of ploidy.

  16. How Agarose Gel Electrophoresis is performed?

  17. Explain the steps involved in protoplast culture.

  18. Point out any five morphological adaptations of epiphytes.

  19. Describe the various stages of decomposition process.

  20. Write a comparative note on Carbon Foot Print (CFP).

  21. Give a comparative account on Seaweed liquid fertilizer.

  22. Explain the stepwise preparation of Bio-pest repellent from the leaves of Azadirachta indica

  23. Tabulate the types of Innate immunity and explain the mechanism involved.


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