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12th Standard English Medium Biology Reduced Syllabus Creative Two mark Question with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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  1. Define regeneration mention the types.

  2. What is Placentation?

  3. In females a. oogonia forms a single ovum only. What is the significance of the oogonia undergoing meiosis I & II when in a male, each spematogonia forms 4 sperms .

  4. Name two sexually transmitted infections and their casual agent.

  5. Explain the inheritance pattern of V-linked genes with example

  6. What are the properties that a molecule must possess to act as genetic material?

  7. Mention the dual functions of AUG.

  8. Name the five basic factors involved is the process of organic evolution according to modern synthetic theory.

  9. Mention any four organs homologous to human hand.

  10. Define point mutation.

  11. What is haemozoin?

  12. Why secondary immune response is more effective than primary immune response?

  13. Name the plant source of Cocaine and Heroin

  14. What is oenology?

  15. What is rennet?

  16. Compare Broad spectrum antibiotics with narrow-spectrum antibiotics

  17. Name few blue green algae (BGA).

  18. What is denaturation?

  19. Name the various kinds of ELISA.

  20. What is competitive exclusion principle?

  21. What is a Biome?

  22. Give an equation for Species-Area relationship on a log scale

  23. When a species is considered as locally extinct?

  24. Give the number of national parks in India. Name any two of them in Tamil Nadu.

  25. What is meant by accelerated eutrophication?

  26. Define deforestation.

  27. What is pollinium? Give example

  28. What is integumentary tapetum?

  29. Mention any two disadvantages of self-pollination.

  30. What is genotype & phenotype?

  31. Give the proper terminologies for the following statement (a) Single gene affecting multiple traits (b) Single trait affected by many genes.

  32. Who coined the term crossing over? When does the crossing over occurs in a cell?

  33. Based on the effect on translation, classify mutations.

  34. Define fermentation.

  35. What does Blotting refers to?

  36. Observe tbe given flow cbart and complete it.

  37. What is a protoplast? Which chemical stain is used to test its viability?

  38. What does ELSI represents to?

  39. Write the composition of gases in atmosphere

  40. Cite an example for partial stein parasite and partial root parasite.

  41. How will you define decomposers?

  42. Define Grey carbon and Black carbon.

  43. Name the two types of food chain.

  44. What are Blue carbon ecosystems?

  45. What is Dobson unit?

  46. Define social forestry.

  47. What are bio-pesticides? Why they are considered better than synthetic pesticides?

  48. State anyone advantage and one disadvantage of polyploid breeding.

  49. Eating millets is good for diabetic patients. How?

  50. Compare Spices and Condiments.


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