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12th Standard English Medium Biology Reduced Syllabus Five mark Important Questions with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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    Part A

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  1. Differentiate between the following:
    (a) Binary fission in amoeba and multiple fission in Plasmodium
    (b) Budding in yeast and budding in Hydra
    (c) Regeneration in lizard and Planaria

  2. The following is the illustration of the sequence of ovarian events (a-i) in a human female.

    a) Identify the figure that illustrates ovulation and mention the stage of oogenesis it represents.
    b) Name the ovarian hormone and the pituitary hormone that have caused the above-mentioned events.
    c) Explain the changes that occurs in the uterus simultaneously in anticipation.
    d) Write the difference between C and H.

  3. Amniocentesis, the foetal sex determination test, is banned in our country, Is it necessary? Comment.

  4. Comment on the methods of Eugenics.

  5. It is established that RNA is the first genetic material. Justify giving reasons.

  6. Mention any three similarities found common in Neanderthal man and Homo sapiens.

  7. Why do you think it is not possible to produce vaccine against 'common cold'?

  8. What is the key difference between primary and secondary sewage treatment?

  9. Explain how recombinant Insulin can be produced.

  10. Give an account of the properties of soil.

  11. Mention the major threats to biodiversity caused by human activities. Explain.

  12. ‘Stability of a community depends upon its species diversity’ Justify the statement.

  13. What is the primary purpose of the Kyoto Protocol?

  14. Discuss the steps involved in Microsporogenesis.

  15. Differentiate the structure of Dicot and Monocot seed.

  16. Describe dominant epistasis with an example.

  17. How sex is determined in monoecious plants. write their genes involved in it.

  18. What is bioremediation? give some examples of bioremediation.

  19. Write the protocol for artificial seed preparation.

  20. What is soil profile? Explain the characters of different soil horizons.

  21. Describe dispersal of fruit and seeds by animals.

  22. Various stages of succession are given bellow. From that rearrange them accordingly. Find out the type of succession and explain in detail. Reed-swamp stage, phytoplankton stage, shrub stage, submerged plant stage, forest stage, submerged free floating stage, marsh medow stage.

  23. Explain afforestation with case studies.

  24. Write a note on heterosis.

  25. What are psychoactive drugs? Add a note Marijuana and Opium


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