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12th Standard English Medium Biology Reduced Syllabus Two mark Important Questions - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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  1. What is parthenogenesis? Give two examples from animals.

  2. Define hologamy.

  3. Why asexual reproduction is called as somatogenic reproduction?

  4. What is colostrum? Write its significance.

  5. Define fertilisation.

  6. Mention the hormones secreted by the placenta during pregnancy.

  7. Correct the following statements
    a) Transfer of an ovum collected from donor into the fallopian tube is called ZIFT.
    b) Transfering of an embryo with more than 8 blastomeres into uterus is called GIFT.
    c) Multiload 375 is a hormone releasing IUD.

  8. Distinguish between heterogametic and homogametic sex determination systems

  9. Mention any two ways in which single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) identified in human genome can bring revolutionary change in biological and medical science

  10. What are nucleotides?

  11. Mention the inhibitory role of tetracycline and streptomycin in bacterial translation

  12. Explain how mutations, natural selection and genetic drift affect Hardy Weinberg equilibrium.

  13. Given below are some human organs. Identify one primary and one secondary lymphoid organ. Explain its role. Liver, thymus, stomach, thyroid, tonsils.

  14. Differentiate male and female Ascaris.

  15. What is Pasteur effect?

  16. Expand and define BOD

  17. How is the amplification of a gene sample of interest carried out using PCR?

  18. What is BRA!?

  19. Point out four types of recombinant vaccines

  20. Differentiate between Eurytherms and Stenotherms.

  21. Define biotic potential.

  22. What is a forest? Name the major forest biomes.

  23. What are the three levels of biodiversity?

  24. When a species is considered as locally extinct?

  25. Give any two examples for anthropogenic extinction.

  26. What would Earth be like without the greenhouse effect?

  27. Define pollution.

  28. List any four adverse effect of noise.

  29. List out two sub-aerial stem modifications with example.

  30. Draw and label the structure of a typical pollen grain

  31. Distinguish between anemophilous flowers and ornithophilous flowers

  32. What is back cross?

  33. State the law of independent assortment.

  34. What will be the result if there is a failure in the formation of synaptonemal complex Give one example of organism where such condition is noticed

  35. Comment on the chromosomal condition; 2n - 2.

  36. You are working in a biotechnology lab with a becterium namely E.coli. How will you cut the nucleotide sequence? explain it.

  37. What is Biopharming?

  38. Name any four culture media used in plant tissue culture.

  39. Mention any two competent national authorities that implement Biosafety guidelines.

  40. Distinguish habitat and niche

  41. Name the study that deals with soil factors. Also mention the optimal soil pH for crop cultivation.

  42. Cite an example for partial stein parasite and partial root parasite.

  43. What is meant by productivity of an ecosystem?

  44. Name the category of organisms that occupy the first tropic level (T1) and fourth tropic level (TJ in an ecosystem,

  45. What is pyramid of biomass?

  46. Name any four greenhouse gases.

  47. Distinguish between In-situ conservation and Ex-situ conservation.

  48. What does the term 'luxuriance' stands for in plant breeding? Explain.

  49. A person got irritation while applying chemical dye. What would be your suggestion for alternative?

  50. Which is our National fruit and State tree of Tamil Nadu?


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