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Zoology - Molecular Genetics Two Marks Question

12th Standard EM

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    15 x 2 = 30
  1. Give reasons: Genetic code is ‘universal’.

  2. Name the parts marked ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the given transcription unit:

  3. Mention any two ways in which single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) identified in human genome can bring revolutionary change in biological and medical science

  4. State any three goals of the human genome project.

  5. Why is the term nucleic acid used for DNA and RNA?

  6. What are nucleotides?

  7. Differentiate nucleoside from nucleotide.

  8. Point out the nitrogenous bases of RNA

  9. How many base pairs are present in one complete turn of DNA helix? What is the distance between two consecutive base pairs?

  10. What is nucleosome? How many base pairs are there in a typical nucleosome?

  11. Who proposed the central dogma? Write its concept.

  12. Define transcription and name the enzyme involved in this process.

  13. Distinguish between exons and introns

  14. If a double-stranded DNA has 20% of cytosine, calculate the percentage of adenine in DNA.

  15. Mention the inhibitory role of tetracycline and streptomycin in bacterial translation


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