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5 Marks Test

6th Standard

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Answer all the questions

Time : 01:40:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 75
    15 x 5 = 75
  1. Read the table and answer the following questions.

    Name of the Star Diameter (in miles)
    Sun 864730
    Sirius 1556500
    Canopus 25941900
    Alpha Centauri 1037700
    Arcturus 19888800
    Vega 2594200

    (i) Write the Canopus star’s diameter in words, in the Indian and the International System.
    (ii) Write the sum of the place values of 5 in Sirius star’s diameter in the Indian System.
    (iii) Eight hundred sixty four million seven hundred thirty. Write this in standard form of Indian System.
    (iv) Write the diameter in words of Arcturus star in the International System.
    (v) Write the difference of the diameters of Canopus and Arcturus stars in the Indian and the International Systems.

  2. Find the 5 or 6 or 7 digit numbers from a newspaper or a magazine to get a rounded number to the nearest ten thousand.
    (i) A rounded number.
    (ii) A rounded amount of money.
    (iii) An exact number.

  3. Suppose that there are some eggs in a tray. If 6 eggs are taken out from it and still 10 eggs are remaining, how many eggs are there in the tray?

  4. A piece of wire is ‘12s’ cm long. What will be the length of the side, if it is formed as
    (i) an equilateral triangle
    (ii) a square?

  5. I have a box which has 3 green, 9 blue, 4 yellow, 8 orange coloured cubes in it.
    (a) What is the ratio of orange to yellow cubes?
    (b) What is the ratio of green to blue cubes?
    (c) How many different ratios can be formed, when you compare each colour to anyone of the other colours?

  6. Pick out the Acute angles from the given figures.

  7. The following table shows the number of vehicles sold in a year

    key:One picture represents 10 vehicles
    Look at the pictograph and answer the following questions.
    (i) How many motor cycles were sold in a year?
    (ii) Number of buses sold in a year is 20. Say True or False.
    (iii) How many bicycles were sold ?
    (iv) How many cars and vans were sold?
    (v) How many vehicles were sold altogether?

  8. Following are the choice of sports for 20 students of class VI.

    Cricket Football Cricket Tennis Cricket
    Badminton Football Cricket Football Tennis
    Cricket Badminton Basketball Football Golf
    Football Hockey Football Hockey Cricket

    Arrange the names of sports in a table using tally marks. 

  9. The following bar graph shows the number of people visited Mahabalipuram over a period of 5

    Use the graph to answer the following questions
    (a) How many people visited Mahabalipuram in April?
    (b) How many more people visited Mahabalipuram in May than in January?
    (c) In which month, were there as many visitors as on March?
    (d) In which month were there 1500 more visitors than in January?
    (e) How many visitors were there in 5 months?

  10. Using the numbers from 1 to 9
    (i) Can you form a magic triangle?
    (ii) How many magic triangles can be formed?
    (iii) What are the sums of the sides of the magic triangle?

  11. Find the minimum number of straight lines used in forming the following figures.

  12. There are four Mobile Phones in a house. At 5 a.m, all the four Mobile Phones will ring together. Thereafter, the first one rings every 15 minutes, the second one rings every 20 minutes, the third one rings every 25 minutes and the fourth one rings every 30 minutes. At what time, will the four Mobile Phones ring together again?

  13. Prepare a bill for the following purchases at Aavin sales counter in Coimbatore on 25-06-2018 bearing the Bill number 160.
    1. 5 packets Milk Khoa of 100 gm @ Rs 40 each
    2. 5 packets of Butter Milk @ Rs 8 each
    3. 6 packets Milk of 500ml @ Rs 25 each
    4. 5 packets Ghee of 100gm @ Rs 40 each

  14. Two angles of the triangles are given. Find the third angle.
    (i) 80°, 60° 
    (ii) 75°, 35°
    (iii) 52°, 68°
    (iv) 50°, 90°
    (v) 120°, 30° 
    (vi) 55°, 85°

  15. Convert the following Tree diagrams into numerical expressions.


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