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2 Marks Revision Test

6th Standard

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Answer all the questions 

Time : 01:40:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. Observe the commas and write down the place value of 7. 567,456,345

  2. Write any eight digit number with 6 in ten lakh place and 9 in ten thousand place.

  3. Rs 62500 was equally distributed as a New Year bonus for 25 employees of a company. How much did each receive?

  4. Try to open my locked suitcase which has the biggest 5 digit odd number as the password comprising the digits 7, 5, 4, 3 and 8. Find the password.

  5. Find the numbers between 572634 and 562634 which is approximated to ten thousands place

  6. Complete the following pattern.
    What comes next?

  7. Give two equivalent ratios for each of the following.3 : 2

  8. How many line segments are there in the given line? Name them.

  9. Identify the types of angles shown by the hands of the given clock.





  10. Find the type of lines marked in thick lines (Parallel, intersecting or perpendicular).

  11. Find the complementary angle of  85º

  12. Find the supplementary angle of  95º

  13. What is the supplementary and complementary angles of 60°

  14. Find the prime factorisation of each number by factor tree method and division method. 
    a) 60  b) 128  c) 144  d) 198  e) 420  f) 999

  15. The LCM of two numbers is 432 and their HCF is 36. If one of the numbers is 108, then find the other number.

  16. Find the length of the longest rope that can be used to measure exactly the ropes of length 1m 20cm, 3m 60cm and 4m.

  17. Convert into higher units :
    (i) 13000 mm (km, m, cm)
    (ii) 8257 ml (kl, l)

  18. Say the time in two ways:

  19. The departure and arrival timing of the Vaigai Superfast Express (No. 12635) from Chennai Egmore to Madurai Junction are given. Read the details and answer the following.

    Station Arrival Departure
    Chennai Egmore - 13:40
    Tambaram 14:08 14:10
    Chengalpattu 14:38 14:40
    Villupuram 15:50 15:55
    Virudhachalam 16:28 16:30
    Ariyalur 17:04 17:05
    Trichy 18:30 18:35
    Dindigul 20:03 20:05
    Sholavandan 20:34 20:35
    Madurai 21:20 -

    (i) At what time does the Vaigai Express start from Chennai and arrive at Madurai?
    (ii) How many halts are there between Chennai and Madurai?
    (iii) How long does the train halt at the Villupuram junction?
    (iv) At what time does the train come to Sholavandan?
    (v) Find the journey time from Chennai Egmore to Madurai?

  20. Two pipes whose lengths are 7 m 25 cm and 8 m 13 cm joined by welding and then a small piece 60 cm is cut from the whole. What is the remaining length of the pipe?

  21. A fruit seller bought a basket of fruits for Rs 500. During the transit some fruits were damaged. So, he was able to sell the remaining fruits for Rs 480. Find the profit or loss in his business.

  22. A man bought 400 metre of cloth for Rs 60,000 and sold it at the rate of Rs 400 per metre. Find his profit or loss.

  23. I am a closed figure with each of my three angles is 60°. Who am I?

  24. The diagram shows a square ABCD. If the line segment joins A and C, then mention the type of triangles so formed.

  25. Study the given figure and identify the following triangles.
    (a) equilateral triangle
    (b) isosceles triangles
    (c) scalene triangles
    (d) acute triangles
    (e) obtuse triangles
    (f) right triangles


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