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Term 2 Bill, Profit and Loss Two Marks Questions

6th Standard

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 20
    10 x 2 = 20
  1. A man bought 75 Mangoes for Rs 300 and sold 50 Mangoes for Rs 300. If he sold all the mangoes at the same price, find his profit or loss.

  2. Amutha marked her home product of pickle as Rs 300 per pack. But she sold it for only Rs 275 per pack. What was the discount offered by her per pack?

  3. Valavan bought 24 eggs for Rs 96. Four of them were broken and also he had a loss of Rs 36 on selling them. What is the selling price of one egg?

  4. Mangai bought a cell phone for Rs 12585. It fell down. She spent Rs 500 on its repair. She sold it for Rs 7500. Find her profit or loss.

  5. A shopkeeper buys three articles for Rs 325, rs 450 and Rs 510. He is able to sell them for Rs 350, Rs 425 and Rs 525 respectively. Find the gain or loss to the shopkeeper on the whole.

  6. Nathan paid Rs 800 and bought 10 bottles of honey from a village vendor. He sold them in a city for Rs 100 per bottle. Find his profit or loss.

  7. A man bought 400 metre of cloth for Rs 60,000 and sold it at the rate of Rs 400 per metre. Find his profit or loss.

  8. A store purchased pens at Rs 216 per dozen. He paid Rs 58 for conveyance and sold the pens at the discount of Rs 2 per pen and made a overall profit of Rs 50. Find the M.P. of each pen.

  9. A vegetable vendor buys 10 kg of tomatoes per day at Rs 10 per kg, for the first three days of a week. 1 kg of tomatoes got smashed on everyday for those 3 days. For the remaining 4 days of the week he buys 15 kg of tomatoes daily at Rs 8 per kg. If for entire week he sells tomatoes at Rs 20 per kg, then find his profit or loss for the week.

  10. An electrician buys a used T.V. for Rs 12,000 and a used Fridge for Rs 11,000. After spending Rs 1000 on repairing the T.V. and Rs 1500 on painting the Fridge, he fixes up the M.P. of T.V. as Rs 15,000 and that of Fridge as Rs 15,500. If he gives Rs 1000 discount on each find his profit or loss.


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