All Chapter 3 Marks

6th Standard

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Time : 02:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 102
    Answer All The Following Question:
    34 x 3 = 102
  1. Write the following numbers in the International System by using commas. 7345671

  2. Use the properties of whole numbers and simplify. 500 \(\times\) 689 - 500 \(\times\) 89

  3. The teacher forms groups of five students in a class. How many students will be there in ‘p’ groups?

  4. Express the following algebraic statement to verbal statement.

  5. A piece of wire is '12 s' cm long. What will be length of the side if it is formed as
    (i) an equilateral triangle.
    (ii) a square?

  6. Identify the value of the shapes and figures in the table given below the verify their addition horizontally and vertically

  7. Divide the numbers given below in the required ratio. 20 in the ratio 3 : 2

  8. A gets double of what B gets and B gets double of what C gets. Find A : B and B : C and verify whether the result is in proportion or not.

  9. Measure the following line segments.

  10. Construct a line segment using ruler and compass.\(\overline{QR} = 10cm\)

  11. Draw a pictograph for the given data.

    Month June July August September
    Number of Computers sold 300 450 600 550

    (Choose your own suitable scale)

  12. The fruits liked by the students of a class are as follows:

    Fruits Bananas Grapes Apples Mangoes Guavas Papayas Other fruits
    Number of students 8 10 8 7 12 3 2

    Draw a Bar Graph for this data.

  13. Suppose, you have two shorts, one is black and the other one is blue; three shirts which are in white, blue and red. You again wish to make different combinations, but you always want to make sure that the shorts and shirt that you wear are of different colours. List and check how many combinations are possible now.

  14. How many Triangles are there in each of the following figures?

  15. Find the ratio of the HCF and the LCM of the numbers 18 and 30.

  16. Find A as required:
    (i) The greatest 2 digit number 9A is divisible by 2.
    (ii) The least number 567A is divisible by 3.
    (iii) The greatest 3 digit number 9A6 is divisible by 6.
    (iv) The number A08 is divisible by 4 and 9.
    (v) The number 225A85 is divisible by 11.

  17. Compare and put >or< or = in the following: 
    (i) 800 g + 150 g \(\square\) 1 kg
    (ii) 600 ml+400 ml \(\square\) 1 l
    (iii) 6 m 25 cm \(\square\) 600 cm+25 cm
    (iv) 88 cm \(\square\) 8 m 8 cm
    (v) 55 g \(\square\) 550 mg

  18. If Wednesday falls on 20th of December 2017. What is the day on 8th june 2018? Also say the number of days between these two dates.

  19. A table is bought for Rs 4500 and sold for Rs 4800. Find the profit or loss.

  20. If Guna marks his product to be sold for Rs 325 and gives a discount of Rs 30, then find the S.P.

  21. Can a triangle be formed with the angles 80°, 30°, 40°?

  22. Draw a line segment LM = 6.5 cm and take a point P not lying on it. Using a set square construct a line perpendicular to LM through P.

  23. Convert into a Tree diagram {[(10 \(\times\) 5)+6]\(\times\)[5+(6−2)]}\(\div \)[8\(\times\)(4+2)].

  24. Convert the following Tree diagrams into numerical expressions.

  25. Madhu ate \(2\over 5\) of the chocolate bar and Nandhini ate ​\(1\over3\)​​​​​​ of the chocolate bar. Who has eaten more?

  26. Write the fraction of shaded part in the following:




  27. Is there the smallest and the largest number in the set of integers? Give reason

  28. Represent the following situations. as integers.
    (i) A loss of Rs. 2000
    (ii) 2018 CE (AD)
    (iii) Fishes found at 60m below the sea level.
    (iv) 18° C below 0° C
    (v) Gaining 13 points

  29. The table given below contains some measures of the triangle. Find the unknown values

    S. No Side 1 Side 2 Side 3 Perimeter
    i) 6 cm 5 cm 2 cm ?
    ii) ? 8 m 3 m 17 m
    iii) 11 feet ? 9 feet 28 feet
  30. Your garden is in the shape of a square of side 5 m. Each side is to be fenced with 2 rows of wire. Find how much amount is needed to fence the garden at Rs.10 per metre.

  31. Draw the lines of symmetry for each of the letters in the word RHOMBUS and also find the number of lines of symmetry. (Note: Here the letter ‘O’ is in circle shape.)

  32. Find the order of rotation for the following shapes.

  33. Find the HCF of two numbers 16 and 28.

  34. Find HCF of 188 and 230 by Euclid's game.


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