Full Portion Two Marks Question Paper

9th Standard

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 50
    25 x 2 = 50
  1. Write the set of letters of the following words in Roster form

  2. If A = {–3, –2, 1, 4} and B = {0, 1, 2, 4}, find
    (i) A – B
    (ii) B – A.

  3. Draw a Venn diagram similar to one at the side and shade the region representing the following sets


  4. List the set of letters of the following words in Roster form.

  5. Find A∪B, A∩B, A–B and B–A for the following sets.
    A = {a, b, c, e, u} and B={a, e, i, o, u}

  6. Let A and B be two overlapping sets and the universal set be U. Draw appropriate Venn diagram for each of the following,
    (i) AUB
    (ii) A∩B
    (iii) (A∩B)′
    (iv) (B–A)'
    (v) A′UB′
    (vi) A′∩B′
    (vii) What do you observe from the Venn diagram (iii) and (v)?

  7. Without actual division classify the decimal expansion of the following numbers as terminating or non-terminating and ·recurring.
    \({17\over 200}\)

  8. Find the value of \(\left( \frac { 64 }{ 125 } \right) ^{ \frac { -2 }{ 3 } }\)

  9. Convert the following decimal numbers in the form of \(\frac { p }{ q } (p,q\in Z\quad and\quad q\neq 0)\)
    (i) \(0.\overline { 3 } \)
    (ii) \(2.12\overline { 4 } \)
    (iii) \(0.4\overline { 5 } \)
    (iv) \(0.\overline { 568 } \)

  10. Check whether –3 and 3 are zeros of the polynomial x2 – 9

  11. Expand the following using identities: (m+5)(m-8)

  12. Factorise the following: m3+\(\frac{1}{m^2}\)-23

  13. Factorise the following : x- 9x2

  14. The monthly income of A and B are in the ratio 3:4 and their monthly expenditures are in the ratio 5:7. If each saves Rs 5,000 per month, find the monthly income of each.

  15. Identify which ones are parallelograms and which are not.

  16. Identify which ones are trapeziums and which are not.

  17. Procedure: Cut off a quadrilateral ABCD in a paper with prescribed dimensions. Mark the mid points P, Q, R and S of the sides AB, BC, CD and DA respectively. By folding the sides appropriately cut off the quadrilateral PQRS. Fold the quadrilateral (i) Does PQ lie on SR? similarly fold the other way and verify QR lies on PS.
    (i) What do you conclude?
    (ii) Name the resulting figure?
    Draw the following quadrilaterals and join the mid points of all its sides. Find the resultant shape and complete the table.

    Name of the quadrilateral Shape obtained by joining the midpoints
  18. In the given figure, ㄥPOQ=1000 and ㄥPQR=300, then find ㄥRPO

  19. The radius of a circle 15 em and the length of one of its chord is 24 cm. Find the distance of the chord from the centre.

  20. Find the coordinates of the point which divides the line segment joining the points (3,1) and (S, 13) internally in the ratio 3 : 5.

  21. From the given figure, find the values of  (i) sinB (ii) secB (iii) cot B  (iv) cosC (v) tanC (vi) cosecC

  22. Find the value of \(\theta\) if
    (i) sin\(\theta\) = 0.9975 (ii) cos\(\theta\) = 0.6763 (iii) tan\(\theta\) = 0.0720 (iv) cos\(\theta\) = 0.0410 (v) tan\(\theta\) = 7.5958

  23. If 3 cot\(\theta\) =, then find the value of  \(\cfrac { 3cos\theta -4sin\theta }{ 5sin\theta +4cos\theta } \)

  24. The length, breadth and depth of a pond are 20.5 m, 16 m and 8 m respectively. Find the capacity of the pond in litres.

  25. A bag contains 3 red and 2 blue marbles. A marble is drawn at random. What is the probability of drawing a blue marble?


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