Geometry Two Marks Question

9th Standard

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    15 x 2 = 30
  1. Find the value of x

  2. Find the value of x

  3. Draw the circumcircle for, An equilateral triangle of side 7 cm.

  4. Draw the circumcircle for, An isosceles right triangle having 6 cm as the length of the equal sides.

  5. Which ones are not quadrilaterals?

  6. Which ones are not quadrilaterals

  7. Identify which ones are trapeziums and which are not.

  8. Draw the following special quadrilaterals on a graph sheet, measure the sides and angles and complete the table to explore the properties of the quadrilaterals with respect to sides and angles.

  9. Procedure:
    (I) Make a parallelogram on a chart/graph paper and cut it.
    (ii) Draw diagonal of the parallelogram.
    (iii) Cut along the diagonal and obtain two triangles.
    (iv) Superimpose one triangle onto the other.
    What do you conclude?

  10. Objective: To construct a perpendicular bisector of a line segment using paper folding.
    Procedure: Make a line segment on a paper by folding it and name it as PQ. Fold PQ to such a way that P falls on Q and thereby creating a crease RS. This line RS is the perpendicular bisector of PQ.

  11. Objective: To construct a perpendicular to a line segment from an external point using paper folding.
    Procedure: Draw a line segment AB and mark an external point P. Move B along BA till the fold passes through P and crease it along that line. The crease thus formed is the perpendicular to AB through the external point P.

  12. Objective: To locate the Orthocentre of a triangle using paper folding.
    Procedure: with any two vertices of the triangle as external points, construct the perpendiculars to opposite sides. The point of intersection of the perpendiculars is the Orthocentre of the given triangle.

  13. The chord of length 32 em is drawn at the distance of 12 cm from the centre of the circle. Find the radius of the circle

  14. In a circle, AB and CD are two parallel chords with centre 0 and radius 5 em such that AB = 8 cm and CD = 6 em determine the distance between the chords?

  15. Find the value of x in the figure


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