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Financial Mathematics Two Marks Questions

11th Standard

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Business Maths

Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 20
    10 x 2 = 20
  1. The chairman of a society wishes to award a gold medal to a student getting highest marks in Business Mathematics. If this medal costs Rs 9,000 every year and the rate of compound interest is 15% what amount is to be deposited now.

  2. What is the amount of perpetual annuity of Rs 50 at 5% compound interest per year?

  3. Find the market value of 325 shares of amount Rs 100 at a premium of Rs 18.

  4. A man buys 500 shares of amount Rs 100 at Rs 14 below par. How much money does he pay?

  5. If the dividend received from 10% of Rs 25 shares is Rs 2000. Find the number of shares.

  6. Find the market value of 62 shares available at Rs 132 having the par value of Rs 100.

  7. How much will be required to buy 125 of Rs 25 shares at a discount of Rs 7

  8. If the dividend received from 9% of Rs 20 shares is Rs 1,620, find the number of shares.

  9. A cash prize of Rs 1,500 is given to the student standing first in examination of Business Mathematics by a person every year. Find out the sum that the person has to deposit to meet this expense. Rate of interest is 12% p.a

  10. Gopal invested Rs 8,000 in 7% of Rs 100 shares at Rs 80. After a year he sold these shares at Rs 75 each and invested the proceeds (including his dividend) in 18% for Rs 25 shares at Rs 41. Find
    (i) his dividend for the first year
    (ii) his annual income in the second year
    (iii) The percentage increase in his return on his original investment


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