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Hydroxy Compounds and Ethers - Two Marks Study Materials

12th Standard EM

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Time : 00:45:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    15 x 2 = 30
  1. Identify the product (s) is / are formed when 1 – methoxy propane is heated with excess HI. Name the mechanism involved in the reaction

  2. Draw the major product formed when 1-ethoxyprop-1-ene is heated with one equivalent of HI

  3. Suggest a suitable reagent to prepare secondary alcohol with identical group using Grignard reagent.

  4. What is the major product obtained when two moles of ethyl magnesium bromide is treated with methyl benzoate followed by acid hydrolysis.

  5. Predict the major product, when 2-methyl but -2-ene is converted into an alcohol in each of the following methods.
    (i) Acid catalysed hydration
    (ii) Hydroboration
    (iii) Hydroxylation using bayers reagent

  6. Arrange the following in the increasing order of their boiling point and give a reason for your ordering
    (i) Butan – 2- ol, Butan -1-ol, 2 –methylpropan -2-ol
    (ii) Propan -1-ol, propan -1,2,3-triol, propan -1,3 – diol, propan -2-ol

  7. Can we use nucelophiles such as NH3,CH3- for the Nucleophilic substitution of alcohols

  8. Is it possible to oxidise t – butyl alcohol using acidified dichromate to form a carbonyl compound.

  9. Identify the product C and D.

  10. Identify the product A and B.

  11. Why sodium metal cannot be used to dry alcohols but it can be used to dry ethers?

  12. What happens when anisole is nitrated?

  13. What happens when crotonaldehyde is reduced in the presence of LiAlH4?

  14. Which of the following does not give iodoform reaction?

  15. Arrange the following in the decreasing order of order of acid strength.


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