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Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter - Two Marks Study Materials

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 30
    15 x 2 = 30
  1. Define work function of a metal. Give its unit.

  2. How does photocurrent vary with the intensity of the incident light?

  3. What is a photo cell? Mention the different types of photocells.

  4. State de Broglie hypothesis.

  5. A proton and an electron have same kinetic energy. Which one has greater de Broglie wavelength. Justify.

  6. An electron and an alpha particle havesame kinetic energy. How are the de Broglie wavelengths associated with them related?

  7. What is meant by surface barrier?

  8. Give example for photosensitive materials Why is called so?

  9. What is photo conductive cell?

  10. Define the term 'stopping potential' in relation to photoelectric effect.

  11. The stopping potential in an experiment on photoelectric effect is 2V. What is the maximum kinetic energy of the photoelectrons emitted?

  12. Define intensity of radiation on the basis of photon picture of light. Write its SI unit.

  13. With what purpose was famous Davisson-Germer experiment with electrons performed?

  14. A proton and a deuteron have the same velocity, what is the ratio of their de Broglie wavelengths?

  15. If the potential difference used to accelerate electrons is tripled, by what factor does the de Broglie wavelength of the electron beam change?


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