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Model 3 Mark Creative Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 102

    Part A

    34 x 3 = 102
  1. Explain roasting with an example.

  2. What is meant by aluminotherrnitc process?

  3. Draw the structure of boric acid.

  4. Describe the structure of fullerenes.

  5. Explain the structure of ammonia

  6. Write the order of thermal stability of the hydrides of group 16 elements.

  7. Write chemical equations for the reactions involved in the manufacture of potassium permanganate from pyrolusite ore.

  8. Give reason for the following:
    (i) A transition metal exhibits highest oxidation state in oxides and fluorides.
    (ii) Cu2+ is unstable in an aqueous solution.

  9. What is chromyl chloride test? Give equations.

  10. Give three uses of KMnO4

  11. What are the limitations of VBT?

  12. Silver crystallines in fcc lattice. If edge length of the cell is 4.07 x 10-8 em and density is 10.5 g cm-3. Calculate the atomic mass of silver

  13. How do the spacings of the three planes (100), (101) and (111) of simple cubic lattice vary?

  14. (i) Molecularity of any reaction is not equal to zero. Why?
    (ii) For which type of reactions, order, and molecularity have the same value?

  15. A reaction is second order with respect to a reactant. How is the rate of reaction affected if the concentration of the reactant is
    (i) doubled (ii) reduced to half

  16. Define buffer Index

  17. Define equivalent conductance.

  18. Explain the relationship between free energy of the cell and its emf.

  19. Explain the process of recharging of lead storage battery.

  20. Show that SHE can act both as a anode as well as cathode.

  21. Explain the advantages of using nano catalyst.

  22. Explain the meaning of the statement. 'Adsorption is a surface phenomenon'.

  23. Explain the manufacture of glycerol from triglycerides,

  24. Give chemical tests to distinguish between propan-2-ol and 2-methyl-propan-2-ol.

  25. Complete the following equations by writing the missing A, B, C, D etc.,

  26. How is nitroglycerine .prepared from glycerol?

  27. What is Rosenmund's reduction? What is the purpose of adding BaSO4 in it?

  28. What is Malachite green dye? Explain its preparation?

  29. How will convert nitrobenzene to benzoic acid?

  30. Write a note on structure of amine.

  31. Write the product formed when HCN reacts with glucose.

  32. Amino acids are amphoteric in nature. Explain.

  33. Give some of the advantages of using food additives.

  34. Give examples for (i) addition polymer, (ii) Synthetic rubbers, (iii) Condensation polymers, (iv) formaldehyde resins.


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