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Sample 2 Mark Book Back Questions (New Syllabus) 2020

12th Standard EM

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Time : 01:00:00 Hrs
Total Marks : 36

    Part A

    18 x 2 = 36
  1. Out of coke and CO, which is better reducing agent for the reduction of ZnO? Why?

  2. Give the uses of Borax

  3. Give the uses of helium.

  4. Why Gd3+ is colourles?

  5. Give an example of coordination compound used in medicine and two examples of biologically important coordination compounds

  6. Differentiate crystalline solids and amorphous solids.

  7. Derive integrated rate law for a zero order reaction A\(\longrightarrow \) product

  8. What is the order with respect to each of the reactant and overall order of the following reactions?
    a) 5Br-(aq)+BrO3-(aq)+6H+(aq) ➝3Br2(l)+3H2O(l)
    The experimental rate law is
    Rate = k [Br−][BrO3][H+]2
    b) CH3CHO(g)\(\overset { \Delta }{ \longrightarrow } \) CH4(g)+CO(g) the experimental rate law is
    Rate =K[CH3CHO]\(\frac{3}{2}\)

  9. The concentration of hydroxide ion in a water sample is found to be 2.5×10-6M. Identify the nature of the solution.

  10. Calculate the pH of 0.001M HCl solution

  11. State Faraday’s Laws of electrolysis

  12. Heat of adsorption is greater for chemisorptions than physisorption. Why?

  13. Draw the major product formed when 1-ethoxyprop-1-ene is heated with one equivalent of HI

  14. A Compound (A) with molecular formula C2H3N on acid hydrolysis gives(B) which reacts with thionylchloride to give compound(C). Benzene reacts with compound (C) in presence of anhydrous AlCl3 to give compound(C). Compound (C) on reduction with gives (D). Identify (A), (B), (C) and D. Write the equations.

  15. Give the characteristics of image formed by a plane mirror.

  16. How will you convert nitrobenzene into
    i. 1,3,5 - trinitrobenzene
    ii. o and p- nitrophenol
    iii. m – nitro aniline
    iv. azoxybenzene
    v. hydrozobenzene
    vi. N – phenylhydroxylamine
    vii. aniline

  17. Write the Zwitter ion structure of alanine

  18. Write a note on synthetic detergents


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