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12th Standard English Medium Chemistry Reduced Syllabus Creative Two mark Question with Answer key - 2021(Public Exam )

12th Standard

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Total Marks : 100

    Part A

    50 x 2 = 100
  1. Name some common methods of ore concentration.

  2. Discuss the process of roasting with suitable example.

  3. Name some depressing agents

  4. What are the different methods of concentration of ores?

  5. Mention the physical properties of boranes.

  6. What is phosgene? How is it prepared?

  7. What are silicones?

  8. Which one is more soluble in diethyl ether, anhydrous Alcl3 or hydrated Alcl3? Explain in terms of bonding.

  9. Elements of group 16 show lower value of first ionization enthalpy compared to group 15, why?

  10. Why does ozone act as a powerful oxidising agent?

  11. Why hydrides of oxygen is a liquid whereas hydride of sulphur is a gas?

  12. Write the electronic configuration of the element with atomic number 102.

  13. Why lanthanoids are called f block elements?

  14. Silver atom has completely filled d-orbitals (4d10) in its ground state. How can you say that it is a transition element?

  15. What are the conditions for alloy formation?

  16. Write the IUPAC name of [Ni(H2O)6] (CI)2

  17. Name the type of isomerism that occurs in complexes in which both cation and anion are complex ions.

  18. What are Co-ordination isomers? Give examples

  19. What is facial isomer?

  20. What type of defect can arise when a solid is heated? Which physical property is affected by it and in what way?

  21. NaCI has a sharp melting point but glass does not - Justify.

  22. What is the study of chemical kinetics used for?

  23. Write the units of zeroth, first, second and third order rate constants.

  24. The KW of a neutral solution is 10-12 at a particular temperature. What are its pH and pOH values?

  25. Give a mathematical expression that relates I cell constant, specific conductance and specific resistance.

  26. On dilution of 0.1 M of Na2SO4, what will happen to its
    a) Conductance (C)
    (b) Conductivity K
    (c) Molar conductance Am
    (d) Equivalent conductance \({ \Lambda }_{ m }\)

  27. Defme electro chemical equivalent.

  28. What is passivation?

  29. What is ultrasonic dispersion?

  30. Define colloidal solution.

  31. What are lyophobic colloids? Give examples.

  32. Complete the reaction and write the names of products. C2H5OH + NH3 \(\overset { { Al }_{ 2 }{ O }_{ 3 } }{ \underset { { 360 }^{ 0 }C }{ \longrightarrow } } \)?

  33. Write the tests to differentrate phenol and alcohol.

  34. Write two uses of ethylene glycol.

  35. Ethanal is more reactive towards nucleophilic addition reaction than propanone.Why?

  36. Benzaldehyde reduces Tollen's reagent but not Fehling's solution explain.

  37. Give the resonance structure of carboxylate anion.

  38. What is glacial acetic acid? How is it obtained.

  39. Write a note on Claisen Condensation.

  40. Define tautomerism.

  41. How will you convert benzene to m-dinitro benzene?

  42. Explain why amines are more basic than amides.

  43. Bring about the conversion of Chlorobenzene to aniline

  44. Give the IUPAC name of the following compounds
    i) \({ H }_{ 3 }C-\underset { \overset { | }{ CN } }{ CH } -{ CH }_{ 2 }-COOH\)
    ii) \({ CH }_{ 3 }-\underset { \overset { | }{ { CH }_{ 3 } } }{ CH } -CN\)
    iii) C6H5-NC

  45. What are epimers?

  46. Why is glucose known as dextrose?

  47. What is the action of cone. HI on glucose?

  48. What are allosteric inhibitors?

  49. Define polymerisation.

  50. A water sample contains (CaHCO3)2 What will you choose soap or detergents for cleaning clothes.


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